Vietnam National History Museum – A place to keep the historical values of the Vietnamese nation

The Vietnam National History Museum is located about 700m east of Hoan Kiem Lake at 216 Tran Quang Khai and No. 1 Trang Tien. The architecture of the museum is a harmonious combination of oriental architectural style with the beauty of western architecture. With its effort and position, the National History Museum has become one of the museums that attract the attention of a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.

This museum preserves, displays and introduces Vietnamese history through the periods, from prehistoric times to the present, in the most comprehensive, plentiful, continuous and comprehensive manner. National History hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors at the museum. Visiting the National History Museum is an opportunity for visitors to learn about the history, culture, the process of formation and development of the nation of Vietnam.

The National Museum of History currently preserves about 200,000 artifacts and documents of Vietnamese cultural history, divided into the following stages:

  • From the prehistoric period to 1945, there were nearly 110,000 documents, artifacts and relics, antiques and 11 national treasures; many of which are the most valuable and rare collections of museums of the same type in the country and in the region.
  • In the period of Vietnamese history from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present, there are more than 80,000 valuable documents and artifacts on the history of the Vietnamese Revolution, on the Communist Party of Vietnam, on President Ho Chi Minh and his comrades. Leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam over time.

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