Cloud hunting on top of Hon Vuon Mountain in Hue

One of the tourist destinations in Hue that many people love today is the top of Hon Vuon Mountain. Because here, in addition to cloud hunting, visitors will admire the whole poetic mountain panorama.

Hon Vuon mountain is located in Dong Cham village (Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien – Hue province). Hon Vuon Mountain used to be a US military base with the remnants of field fields, trenches, shelters … around the top of the mountain. There are still a number of wild animals in this area.

The view from Hon Vuon Mountain
The view from Hon Vuon Mountain

The best time to explore the top of Hon Vuon Mountain is convenient around April – August (go in the dry summer). Not only walk but also have to cross the cajuput garden with a relatively slippery slope. After passing the cajeput garden, you will continue to conquer some different hills, which sounds quite arduous. However, after that journey through the jungle, you will see no wasted effort at all.

In order to have a memorable trip to conquer Hon Vuon Mountain; in addition to a tent, camera; it is necessary to bring enough drinking water and a few left cakes to use … If you decide to stay overnight, do not forget to bring tents and camera to capture the beautiful moments when night falls.

The sun sets on Hon Vuon Mountain
The sun sets on Hon Vuon Mountain

It can be said that the Hon Vuon peak is suitable for those who love to explore. This will definitely be an interesting journey when you arrive in Hue. This summer, let’s join your group here to have a great experience.

How to get to Hon Vuon mountain from the Hue city center?

– To come to Hon Vuon, you move along the banks of the Perfume River through Thien Mu Pagoda, through Van Thanh, Vo Thanh. Cross Xuoc Du Bridge and then go more than 1km to Dong Cham village.

Route map to Hon Vuon Mountain from Truong Tien Bridge
Route map to Hon Vuon Mountain from Truong Tien Bridge (The Hue citi center)

– According to this route, nearly 3km more to Trieu Son Phuong mountain, ie Huyen Khong Son Thuong. Here, you can park your car in the temple’s parking lot if you go back during the day; but if you go overnight, you can take your car directly into the temple to leave the car overnight.

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