Vung Tau

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Only about 3 hour’s drive from Ho Chi Minh City center, with a 20km coastline, Vung Tau is one of the favorite destinations for domestic and international tourists. Besides the values of the natural landscape, Vung Tau is also a land of a long tradition. Come to this place, you will feel like you are lost in paradise in front of the sea behind the mountain back, the winding road, cool blue space filled.

Best time to travel to Vung Tau

The weather here is divided into two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons and year-round temperatures are very pleasant. However, before you plan to travel to Vung Tau, you should see the weather forecast to avoid traveling in the rain. Also, you should avoid the holidays or the weekend because it is time to have a lot of travel to this place should be very crowded and prices will be higher than normal days.

How to get to Vung Tau?

Come to Vung Tau


Vung Tau City has a small airport called Vung Tau Airport (Vung Tau Airport – IATA: VTG, ICAO: VVVT) so you can only come here by going from major cities with airports like Hanoi, TP. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang … with airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjet Air.


Just about 125km from Ho Chi Minh City, the motorbike is a great vehicle and suitable for exploring and exploring.


  • You should review the way you will go
  • Prepare full papers
  • Strictly enforce road traffic law
  • Bring maps or phones with an internet connection to view maps
  • Ask questions about renting a motorcycle, and negotiate prices before renting.


There are many bus stations in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City so you can catch the car to Vung Tau easily and quickly. Ticket prices from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau often fall in the range of 150,000 – 200,000 VND with quality service on the car well.

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High-speed boat

If you take about 3 hours to go by car and motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, the hydrofoil ride will only take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. There’s a departure every 30 minutes. Ticket price ranges from VND 200,000 – 250,000 VND/ticket and VND 100,000 / ticket / child. You can buy tickets at the port or book a ticket in advance, when you arrive at the port, get tickets. Or you can buy tickets right at your hotel. However, when booking a hotel, please always ask if they sell tickets to Vung Tau or not, if so, then order for convenience. Remember to book your return ticket as well.

  • Bach Dang Wharf: 1 A Ham Nghi, District 1, HCMC. Tel: (08) .3821 8061 – 3821 5609.
  • Cau Da Wharf: 120 Ha Long, Vung Tau City. Tel: (064) .3810 202 – 3510 720.

Moving around

Vung Tau is one of the tourist cities, you can freely choose one of the following vehicles to explore this beautiful coastal city by Taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, self-driving cars, electric cars …

Where to stay? Nice and good Homestay & Hotels in Vung Tau

In Vung Tau from the homestay to the high-end hotel, there are many options for you. If you go on holiday, you are recommended to book accommodation 2-3 weeks before to avoid room unavailability or high prices. Right in the center of Vung Tau, there are many homestays and hotels with very reasonable prices and you can book directly or through the travel company so you get better prices a lot more than you book directly with that hotel. This is an experience when traveling to Vung Tau you should pay attention.

In addition, is a very reasonable choice we would like to advise you with information and photos, very detailed service, as well as reviews of the people who have booked here.

Places to visit in Vung Tau

Bai Truoc Beach (Front Beach)

Bai Truoc Beach, Vung Tau, VietnamIt is the center of many hotels and entertainment areas in Vung Tau. A perfect place for a sunset or a walk along the beach. (You should not bathe here)

Bai Sau Beach (Rear Beach)

Bai Sau Beach, Vung Tau, VietnamThe Bai Sau beach of Vung Tau is famous for its beautiful coastline and low waves and is also home to many hotels and restaurants. Tourists often swim at this beach.

Long Hai Beach

Long Hai Beach, Vung Tau, VietnamAbout 110km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Long Hai Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Long Hai has beautiful beaches with clear blue water, golden sand stretches and resorts near the sea. In particular, the Long Hai Sea has many fresh seafood at a very cheap price. Binh Chau mineral springs are located on the Long Hai tourist route, which is also an interesting stop for tourists.

Coc Lake – Tram Lake

These two beaches are tourist attractions with pristine wildlife. The water here is sandy blue with year-round sand, the white sand beach stretching, clean blue water, so you can enjoy swimming.

Suoi O Beach

Suoi O Beach, Vung Tau, VietnamThis is one of the rare beaches in Vietnam that has freshwater and saltwater along with stretches of white sand and a vast blue sea that will give you an unforgettable memory.

Con Dao Beach

Con Dao is famous for its crystal-clear beaches, green coconut palms and white sandy beaches that will appeal to any visitor when they arrive. With wild beauty and not much affected by the tourism industry, Con Dao beach is indeed a rare tourist paradise in Vietnam.

Small Mountain

Small Mountain, Vung Tau, VietnamLocated in the south of Vung Tau city, when you climb up here you will have a panoramic view of the city from top to very interesting. Not only that, but there is also a large lighthouse, an 18-meter-tall cylindrical tower, 3 meters in diameter and painted white. Besides the lighthouse, on the top of the small mountain, there is a statue of the Lord God with a 32-meter high hand embracing the land of heaven is very impressive. The statue stands in the middle of the mountainous landscape that attracts many visitors to admire.