Exploring Ngoc Chien hot spring in Muong La (Vietnam)

Located 80km northeast of Son La city center, Ngoc Chien hot spring flows year-round, transparent water. Coming here, visitors not only can immerse themselves in the hot mineral stream but also admire the old poached wooden stilt houses tinged with time, enjoying the unique traditional culture of the people ethnic groups of Thai, Dao, Mong …

Ngoc Chien Commune

About Ngoc Chien Commune

Ngoc Chien commune is nestled in majestic mountains, where picturesque scenery with majestic mountains and rolling terraced fields, along with cultural activities of Thai and Mong, La Ha ethnic people, …

Community based tourism model in Ngoc Chien commune
Community based tourism model in Ngoc Chien commune

In addition, coming to Ngoc Chien, visitors are also attracted by the natural hot springs that have miraculous healing abilities in the Luot village, Dot village, Khau Vai village.

Visitors coming to Ngoc Chien to any family are warmly welcomed, experience daily work, enjoy local specialties such as sticky rice (fragrant and sticky), and lam rice. , grilled fish, grilled meats, …

More especially, in Lang village, there are hot spring baths made of pompano wood. In addition, guests can take a free bath at the waterfall in Khau Vai village, Chien stream in Muong Chien village, and learn about traditional occupations of people …

Enjoy an exciting campfire experience with the indigenous people in Ngoc Chien commune.
Enjoy an exciting campfire experience with the indigenous people

Currently, Ngoc Chien is a community eco-tourism destination combining an ideal resort for tourists. With timely and proper investment, Ngoc Chien will become an attractive Northwest tourist destination.

Best time to travel to Ngoc Chien hot spring

In any season, Ngoc Chien still has its own beauty, but note that in the rainy season, you should limit moving to Ngoc Chien, the road is quite slippery and muddy.

You should go during the rice harvest season in September – October, combine visiting the rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai on the way to Ngoc Chien.

How to get to Ngoc Chien hot spring?

You can move to Ngoc Chien in 2 directions, from Mu Cang Chai, or from Son La.

From Hanoi, go up to Mu Cang Chai, to the foot of Khau Pha Pass, you turn to Nam Gat and then to Ngoc Chien – Muong La. From Hanoi to Son La and then in the direction of Muong La, from Muong La running along Road 106 until you see the sea turn to Ngoc Chien (about 25km), this road is easier to go.

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Accommodation in Ngoc Chien Commune

Coming here, you can experience the homestay service of indigenous people, in the center of the commune there are quite a few homestay services, hot baths, private swimming pools, bathrooms made of pompano. . The homestay here also serves local specialties.

Things to do in Ngoc Chien Commune

Hot spring bath

Ngoc Chien hot spring

Bathing in Ngoc Chien hot spring has many effects on health, can cure some skin diseases, rheumatism, heart disease … Especially after a working day, soaking in this warm water can dispel all fatigue, tension in a moment; regain the original feeling of comfort, relaxation, and health.

Co Noong cave

The relic is a natural stone cave, the cave has a circular shape like a giant honeycomb located on the limestone mountains near the Son La hydropower dam.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, visitors will see the entire hydropower project and feel the cool air, beautiful natural scenery in harmony between clouds, mountains, rivers.

Among these, there is a stalactite with a picture of a couple, tied together with the legend of a poor boy with a rich mandarin’s daughter.

The cave has an arc shape, the area is more than 50 meters wide, some places can be up to 20 meters high, the dark corners of the cave are home to the bats. Stalactites on the ceiling of the cave are also of all shapes and sizes.

Son La Hydropower Plant

Son La Hydropower Plant is a hydroelectric power plant located in Little Ong commune, Muong La district, Son La province, Vietnam. The factory was started construction on December 2, 2005.

Son La Hydropower Plant

After 7 years of construction, Son La Hydropower was inaugurated on December 23, 2012, 3 years earlier than the plan, becoming the largest hydroelectric power plant in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Cat Linh village

Less than 20 km from the district center, Cat Linh is a village of the Mong people located on the side of the top of Pu Tha Kenh. In the ripe rice season, this place looks like a colorful picture from afar, strata stretching from mountain slopes to mountains, down to deep valleys. The center of Chieng Muon commune with the Hua Dan – Nam Kim – Cat Linh villages.

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