Interesting things about Long Bien Bridge – “Historical witness” of Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge is a bridge known with the title “witness of history” of Hanoi. Through many ups and downs of time and historical events, the bridge still stands out and becomes one of the symbols of Hanoi. Now let’s learn about this famous bridge through the following article with us!

History of Long Bien Bridge (Hanoi)

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About Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge spanning the Red River; connecting the two districts of Hoan Kiem and Long Bien of Hanoi. The bridge was built by the French from 1898 to 1902; under the Governor-General of Indochina at that time, Doumer.

Long Bien Bridge (Hanoi)
Long Bien bridge

The bridge is 2290m long across the river and 896m of access bridge, the bridge consists of 19 steel girder spans placed on 20 pillars with unique architecture. The bridge is designed with a single rail running in the middle and the sides are two lanes for bikes and pedestrians.

One thing that few people know about the bridge is that it was once the second longest bridge in the world (after Brooklyn Bridge over the East-River of America); even called the horizontal Eiffel Tower of Hanoi.

Historical events associated with the Long Bien bridge

Long Bien Bridge witnessed the nation’s most important milestones. The two biggest resistance wars of our nation; the war against French colonialism and the next was the war against the American imperialism.

In 1945, when Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, the bridge became the span leading thousands of suburban people to Uncle; The people are happy and proud, and how happy they are, the bridge records that moment.

In October 1954, Hanoi was flooded with flags of flowers to celebrate the liberation of the capital; Long Bien Bridge stood there and witnessed the joy of the nation.

And then 21 years later, the bridge once again witnessed the joy of independence and reunification, the liberation of the South. Just like that, over 100 years of history, the bridge is no longer an inanimate artifact, it is like a companion to each people and our country.

Best things to do near Long Bien Bridge

See Hanoi on high

Long Bien Bridge is probably a bridge associated with memories, a bridge that young people often drive to stop to enjoy the breeze one day or feel the urge to have an airy space to breathe. The bridge is also the place where the students often gather to sit and sing happily; a place to keep memories of our youth.

Drink Coffee at Tran Nhat Duat

Tran Nhat Duat cafe, on the 4th floor with open space, you can see Long Bien bridge from afar. Here you can both enjoy a cup of coffee, chat, and look away at the ancient bridge, the Red River rocky beach, the busy market, and a large space.

Serein Cafe and Lounge Hanoi

This place will give you another perspective of Long Bien Bridge; which is the view from above instead of looking directly or looking from below the Red River rocky beach.

Eat baked corn and sweet potatoes in the winter

Winter comes, Long Bien Bridge will really become the best place to sit and eat grilled corn or baked potatoes; enjoy the cold air and wind whistling by your ear and reaching out for warmth from the fire …

Take photos at the Red River rocky beach

The Red River rocky beach is probably no longer a strange place for young people because it is a familiar shooting spot. The vast, expansive green scenery will surely make you have beautiful pictures as if you were in some steppe.

Long Bien Bridge (Hanoi) at sunset

From the Long Bien Bridge, you move down to the area at the foot of the bridge; go deep inside the paths obscured by the trees below; ask for directions the people here will show you to the Red River rocky site.

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