Is Vietnam safe for tourists? – Let’s take a look at the reasons why Vietnam is the safest destination for travelers

Is Vietnam safe for tourists? This may be the question that many travelers have in mind when searching for travel information in Vietnam. In this article, we will give you the answer that you need.

In surveys of many famous travel magazines in the world such as Telegraph, Dailystar, Roughguides, Vietnam always ranks among the safest destinations. Therefore, the annual number of international tourists to Vietnam has increased steadily and shows no sign of abating.

Besides Vietnam, there are many countries also honored to be on this list, such as Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, etc. So what is the reason to help Vietnam always in this list? Let’s take a look at the main reasons why Vietnam has always been one of the safest tourist destinations in the world through the article below.

Stable politics

Politics has a profound effect on the security of a nation. Countries that are not politically stable will have many fluctuations, such as protests, riots, etc., which will greatly affect the people and tourists.

With a country with stable politics like Vietnam, visitors can freely travel, play and shop without worrying about being affected by political instability.

No terrorism

Terrorism is always a terrible obsession with all countries in the world. The bloody terrorist attacks in the US, Pakistan, Afghanistan… These are all haunting obsessions for everyone.

In countries where terrorism is common, visitors will not be comfortable traveling. You risk falling victim to terrorist attacks, massacres, hostages, etc.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, there has never been a terrorist incident. Even when there are major political events, visits by presidents of other countries, the security order in Vietnam is always guaranteed the highest. Therefore, tourists can freely travel without worrying about security issues. This is also one of the key reasons helping Vietnam to be in the top of safe destinations in the world.

Low crime rate

Social evils such as theft, drugs, rape… always make tourists feel insecure when arriving in a new land. In Vietnam, the rate of theft and violence is relatively low. You can go for a walk alone at night without worry.

In addition, Vietnam is also an ideal place to travel for women by the safety of this country.

Friendly people

Vietnamese people are friendly, approachable and open so visitors will feel safe and comfortable when traveling. You will always receive dedicated help whenever you encounter difficulties.

The above reasons have helped Vietnam score in the eyes of international friends on safety issues in tourism. Maybe the quality of services in Vietnam is still a bit poor with some other developed countries but in terms of safety, Vietnam is always on the top.

During many years, Vietnam has never been out of this prestigious list. Coming to Vietnam, visitors will never have to worry about terrorism, demonstrations, assault, robbery,… That means Vietnam safe for tourists.

Traveling in addition to visiting beautiful landscapes, experiencing superior services, any visitor wants to live in a safe environment. Vietnam is the ideal place to stop because it fully meets all the factors: beautiful scenery, unique cuisine, and safety.

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