7 Most Beautiful Islands In Nha Trang You Must Visit

Islands are a slice of paradise on earth. They are the perfect answer to those seeking dreamy and relaxing getaways from their hustling daily city lives. The amazing blues of the shiny crystal clear waters and the bright sky with views of mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets are a source of heavenly experience for beholders. Here’s the best selection for the most beautiful islands in the Nha Trang that are well worthy of being added to your travel bucket list.

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Diep Son Island

Diep Son consists of 3 small islands, lying in the waters of Van Phong Bay. The journey to explore the island started from Van Gia town, after about an hour of floating on the sea, the beautiful Diep Son archipelago gradually appeared, clearly cut out on the horizon.

Diep Son island, Nha Trang, Vietnam

The special thing about Diep Son Island is the journey of conquering a very unique and interesting underwater road; nearly 700m long, connecting the middle island with the big Diep Son island. The winding road, about 1m wide and less than half a meter deep below the surface of the clear blue sea.

Walking on this road brings a feeling of great pleasure; mixed anxiety and a little fear when you have to step between the vast ocean. You can enjoy watching the small flocks of fish swimming on both sides; every now and then you see the flocks of fish jumping out of the water as if waving to the passing boat

Yen Island (Noi Island)

It takes more than an hour by boat from Cau Da port, you will arrive at Hon Noi – a swallow island in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa. The unique feature of Hon Noi is that it has the only double beach in Vietnam. Come here, standing on the fine white sand, you can see the blue sea in any direction. Not stopping there, this double beach also has hot water, cold water created by currents.

Yen island, Nha Trang, Vietnam
Yen Island

To go to Yen Island, you go to Cau Da port, Nha Trang, buy boat tickets to the island. Since this is the island under the tourism management of Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company, you cannot go on your own but have to buy tickets. Visitors can only visit during the day, with the price of 350,000 VND per person; including breakfast, bird’s nest juice, cakes, lunches, and afternoon light fruit.

Whale Island (Ong island)

Whale Island, also known as Ong Island, is a small island located in Van Phong Bay in Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. Hon Ong is very different from other tourist islands in that it is uninhabited. There is only one resort on the island, Whale Island Resort, and the services on the island are provided by this resort.

Whale Island (Ong island) - Nha Trang Vietnam

Environmental protection is also very important in Hon Ong (no fishing or hunting birds). So if you expect a place where you can “mess around”; a crowded gathering place or noisy bars at night; Hon Ong is completely unsuitable.

Whale Island is only suitable for those who love the sea; who like to explore wild, deserted natural places; who want to temporarily stay away from the bustle of the hustle-bustle of urban life; or Newlyweds who want to enjoy their sweet honeymoon together.

Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun is 10 km from Cau Da port (about 45 minutes by boat). This island is famous in Nha Trang Bay with its clear water and splendid coral reef ecosystem. It is called Hon Mun because the southeastern part of the island has high protruding cliffs, rugged cliffs, forming caves, especially the rocks here are as black as ebony, which are very rare elsewhere.

Mun island, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hon Mun has a total area of 160 km², of which 122 km² is the area of the sea surface, 38 km² is the total area of the islands. In the black rock caves of Hon Mun is the habitat and nesting of swiftlets. The marine ecosystem here is also extremely diverse and rich. According to statistics, Hon Mun has up to 1,500 species of coral and marine life.

Hon Tam Island

Tam island, Nha Trang, Vietnam
Tam Island

The island has an area of ​​about 110 hectares, 7km southeast of Nha Trang city. From Hon Tam visitors can see the whole Nha Trang city in the north and Cam Ranh peninsula in the south. In addition to the beautiful beach, it is also famous for exploring the sea by glass bottom boat as well as diving to watch coral.

Hon Tre Island

Hon Tre Island is one of the top largest islands and is also home to the most entertainment, resorts & spas in Nha Trang. In addition to Vinpearl Land, on the island there is a Con Se Tre tourist area, Hon Tre cultural park, beach eco-tourism area, villas, and Vinpearl golf course, Bai Ran luxury resort.

Tre island, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Currently, on the island, there is also a cable car connecting to Cau Da port of Nha Trang; making it more convenient for tourists to travel between tourist destinations in Nha Trang.

Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung Island is also known as Hon Ty island or Chut island. When setting foot on the island, you will be immediately attracted by the blue sea color in the pure white sand. The beaches here are not as long and wide as in Mui Ne or Nha Trang, but always clean and clear to the bottom.

The sea is not deep, gentle, and only needs you to wade out a few tens of meters; chest-level water, you can see the coral right under your feet. In particular, on the beaches are many rocks with many vivid shapes, styles, and colors.

People on the island live mainly on fishing, especially lobster farming. The houses on the island are often located close to each other and facing the sea. Another impressive thing is that the roads around the island are very clean.
To reach Binh Hung Island, you will run along stunning beaches like Binh Tien beach, Nuoc Ngot beach, and Chuoi beach to Kinh beach, which is also the pier to Binh Hung.

From here, you take a boat to the island for about 10 minutes, costing 10,000 VND per person. If customers want to ride a motorbike on the island, then add 10,000 VND more, extremely cheap.

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