The best homestay in Sapa (Vietnam) amidst beautiful mountain forests

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If you want to escape from the noisy town, find peace and enjoy the fresh natural scenery in the northwestern mountains, stop by the best homestay in Sapa (Vietnam) in the middle of this beautiful forest.

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Sapa Cat Cat Hill Resort & Spa

Address: No. 86 Fansipan Road, Sapa
Phone: +84 889291661

If you are looking for the best homestay in Sapa, Sapa Cat Cat Hill Resort & Spa is one such accommodation.

Located on a high hill, Sapa Cat Hills Resort & Spa is an ideal resort with many villas, overlooking the entire romantic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Cat Cat village.

Sapa Cat Cat Hill Resort & Spa (The best homestay in Sapa Vietnam)

The villas are designed with the ancient architectural style of France, bearing bold Sapa culture.

The room is fully equipped with an open space, cool in summer, warm in winter, next to the romantic marble-paved streets, the ancient rose trees creeping out in the mist.

Topas Riverside Lodge Sapa

Address: Hamlet Nam Cang, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
Phone: +84 24 3715 1005

Topas Riverside Lodge Sapa – for a team of tourists who want to escape from the noisy town, and enjoy relaxing moments.

Topas Riverside Lodge Sapa (The best homestay in Sapa Vietnam)

Inspired by the Nordic design style, and comfortable room space, using natural wood-bamboo materials gives you a feeling of closeness to nature.

What is better than trying once overnight in the forest, enjoying the fresh air in the mountains of Sapa.

Muong Hoa River View Homestay

Address: Lao Chai Commune, Ta Van Village, Sapa District
Phone: +84 974624974

Muong Hoa River View Homestay (The best homestay in Sapa Vietnam)

Leaving Sapa town, try to visit the romantic Muong Hoa River View Homestay. Located in Ta Van village, just 6km from the town, this is the best homestay in Sapa and an ideal destination for travelers who want to explore and experience the life of the Ta Van indigenous people.

Muong Hoa Hillside homestay

Address: Group 3 Cau May, Sapa
Phone: +84 854938999

At Muong Hoa Hillside homestay Sapa, you will enjoy the freshest nature than ever. Right in front of the homestay is a small stream of clear water and in any position of the homestay, you can also overlook the green natural scenery.

Muong Hoa Hillside homestay

Muong Hoa Hillside Homestay has a very large area and is one of the houses built with Po Mu wood nearly 100 years old.

The bungalows here are designed with materials close to nature and environment-friendly such as wood, bamboo, and leaf roof … cool in summer and warm in winter.

Ta Phin Lodge in Sapa

Address: Suoi Thau Hamlet, Ta Phin Commune, Sa Pa
Phone: +84 93 639 19 33

Ta Phin Lodge is located in the center of Ban Ta Phin – Sapa with a view of the majestic mountains. Comfortable bungalows overlooking the 3 most beautiful terraced fields in Ta Phin.

Ta Phin Lodge in Sapa

In particular, the homestay also has an infinity pool with a dreamy view of terraced fields. This is a worthy Sapa homestay for any traveler who wants to enjoy the best vacation.

Rua’s House Mountain Hamlet Sapa

Address: Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Sapa
Phone: +84 934451177

Located atop a windswept hill, Rua’s House is a small, peaceful pine-tree house like a fairy tale. The house with cozy space, four sides of windows overlooking the valley, and terraced fields with warm yellow lights, interwoven with native brocade decor.

Rua's House Mountain Hamlet Sapa

Staying here, you will see the terraced fields stretching thousands of thousands or sit by the small fire when the sun goes down the mountain, sipping a cup of tea in the cold air in Sapa.

In addition, you can also enjoy the Northwest mountainous specialties such as vegetables, salmon, Ban Pig …

Secret Garden Homestay Sapa

As soon as it opened at the end of 2019, Secret Garden has become a feverish name for “the team that loves Sapa”.

Secret Garden – located at 56 Violet Street, in the heart of Sapa; just 500 meters from the stone church; is not only a simple getaway but also a “chill” complex with a multitude of sweet mysteries.

Secret Garden Homestay Sapa

Right from the moment you step into the Secret Garden, you will have to “be amazed” by the breathtaking scenery with majestic mountains, and terraced fields blending in the mist.

Combining harmoniously with the delicate design and comfort to create a space not only beautiful but also brings a sense of peace and relaxation.

The homestay has a variety of room types for you to freely choose with room rates increasing in order: Superior, Deluxe, and VIP rooms, divided by mountain view and panoramic valley view.

All rooms are simple but sophisticated decor, full of elegance, spacious, airy, and equipped with full and comfortable room equipment.

Secret Garden Homestay Sapa room

Not only that, but Secret Garden is also a beautiful complex of check-in points such as a supergiant bubble house, infinity swings, sky beds, lonely trees, and Mediterranean-style cafe space below fresh green trees.

In particular, although close to the center of town, Secret Garden owns a super luxurious-smooth-smooth infinity pool with extremely magnificent mountain and cloud views.

The swimming pool here has clear water reflecting the blue sky. At the swimming pool, there are also animal-shaped swimming floats for you to check in, and also serve snacks right under the water.

Truly a unique experience in Sapa.

The Upper House Sapa

The Upper House Sapa is located on Dong Loi Street; in the middle of the center of Sapa town; just 350m from the Sapa stone church with a view of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and the superb Fansipan mountain peak.

The homestay is designed in a way, which is a combination of a luxury resort with unique local architecture, natural, rustic, and close to the environment.

The Upper House Sapa includes 14 rooms; with Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, Triple rooms, and Bungalow rooms with a pool view and mountain view.

The Upper House Sapa

The rooms are comfortable with lockers, towels of all kinds, wooden / plank floors, wifi. In addition, most of the rooms have large glass doors overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Muong Hoa valley, unique terraced fields; a majestic and impressive view of the clouds and mountains.

One plus point for The Upper House Sapa is that the swimming pool is extremely beautiful on the 4th floor.

Because this is infinitely overflowing water, it is located in the middle of nature above; so from here, you have a panoramic view of mountains and forests.

Immense, let you take beautiful pictures “with no dead angle”. Besides, staying at The Upper House Sapa, you will have the opportunity to enjoy check-in at the Coffee & Check-In area “Little Bali” at Check-In Sapa Hostel & Coffee; which promises to bring you vacation is “chill”.

Love House Homestay Sapa

Love House Homestay Sapa is located in the center of Sapa town, on Dien Bien Phu Street. From here, you can easily walk to famous landmarks in the town; such as Stone Church, Cau May Street, Sapa Market, Cat Cat village…

Although located in the middle of countless blocks of houses, Love House still stands out by its extremely beautiful and unique design.

Homestay is like a miniature resort away from the noisy, bustling, and smoky streets. The design includes a large house, a 700m2 garden with miniatures, rockery, and many green trees.

The outside space is also designed with a lot of lights, at night the homestay will become extremely sparkling and brilliant.

The system of rooms at Love House Homestay is diverse and offers many different styles to meet all your needs and preferences.

There are 7 rooms in all, accommodating about 20 guests. The rooms are mainly decorated in a warm, romantic style, mixed with a little nomadic Boho inspiration; creating a comfortable and peaceful feeling of being at home.

Homestay also pays careful attention to small details in the room; such as scented candles, flower pots, plant pots, wall paintings, and LED lights …

Some of Love House’s rooms also have in-room bathtubs with pebble floors; the hose part is installed according to European style.

Especially, each room is equipped with a large bed using a spring mattress; bringing you comfortable and complete moments after a long journey.

The swimming pool is built like a small stream; placed in the middle of the large courtyard; is the most attractive point of Love House Homestay Sapa.

On days that are not too cold, you can immerse yourself in the cool, blue water; watch the town scene below and sip a glass of golden wine and fruits floating on the water.

Bee Homestay Sapa

Although located on Dien Bien Phu Street, one of the streets in the center of Sapa town, Bee Homestay is still an ideal destination for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bee Homestay is located in the middle of the vast forest of Sapa; here, you can feel every bird chirping, the fresh breeze, and admire the beauty of the vast and majestic mountains.

Bee Homestay Sapa

The design of Bee Home Sapa is simple but modern and eye-catching. The homestay interior is completely made of wood, creating a gentle, peaceful, and a little romantic space.

Moreover, this is the type of wood that Sapa people often use to build houses; summer is cool, winter is warm and its longevity is very high.

The homestay campus is also quite large, there are rows of trees that always look full of life; you can comfortably organize a BBQ party with friends right here.

The most favorable place in Bee Home Sapa is the swimming pool with an extremely top view. Although the swimming pool design is a bit small, it is enough for you to unleash a virtual life.

What is more wonderful than being immersed in the cool water of the swimming pool; surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Northwest mountains?

Homestay Sapa Cloud Garden

Homestay Cloud Garden owns a very convenient location, on Dien Bien Phu Street. Here you can complete easily move to famous sightseeing places in Sa Pa.

Every night you can walk to the night market just 150m from the homestay. Attractions such as Sapa lake, stone church, and Cat Cat village .. from the homestay from 500m to 3km only.

This is a bungalow located on a hill; surrounded by mountains, and green trees, along with an extremely expensive infinity pool; is a great place for you to temporarily put aside the troubles of daily life day and enjoy the rest and relaxation of the fresh breeze blowing from the Hoang Lien range.

Homestay Sapa Cloud Garden

The whole area of ​​the homestay Cloud Garden includes 1 villa and 5 single rooms with different views. Villa has 2 bedrooms, 1 spacious living room, 2 bathrooms, and a fancy hot tub with a maximum capacity of 10 guests, and single rooms.

Each room has its own beauty from the design to the interior layout; some rooms are decorated like a garden with a chair surrounded by rocks and flowers; giving you a warm feeling as well as being in harmony with nature.

In addition, if you stay at Cloud Garden Homestay, you will also be free to rent photoshoots; free to visit Secret Garden, just 2km away from the homestay.

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