Best things to do in Hanoi at night like a local

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Hanoi capital with ancient and romantic beauty is a tourist city that is not only attractive during the day but also very interesting at night. t but do not know where to go out in the evening and where are the places of entertainment and best things to do in Hanoi at night then save immediately the list below!

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Exploring 36 Old Streets

Exploring 36 Old Streets of Hanoi

Referring to the interesting places in Hanoi in the evening, you can not forget the 36 streets and streets with familiar and rustic names: Hang Dao, Hang Bac, Hang Ngang … with the common name is the old town. Each street, a street name, brings with them old stories that evoke memories of Hanoi’s thousand years of history.

Hoan Kiem Lake – Sword Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake in night

Hoan Kiem Lake is located right in the heart of Hanoi, deserving to be one of the top choices in the list of the best things to do in Hanoi at night when traveling in Hanoi. It gathers a lot of people in the country and foreign tourists come here to visit the sights and participate in outdoor recreation activities organized. When it got dark, the surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake became even more colorful with colorful lights; This is also the first-weekend walking street in Hanoi so you can comfortably roam without having to worry about traffic.

Eating Trang Tien Ice-cream

Eating Trang Tien Ice-cream

Hanoi is famous for its delicious Trang Tien ice cream, an ice cream shop located on the street of the same name. Therefore, at night, the ice-cream shop is very crowded, to enjoy this delicious ice cream, you should come early if you do not want to wait long.

Enjoy a show at the Thang Long water puppet theater

Enjoy a show at the Thang Long water puppet theater

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater was established in 1969 and is one of the most famous water puppet art venues in Vietnam. This remarkable puppet art originates from around the 11th century, on the surface of the Red River flowing around Hanoi. Water puppetry is a form of traditional theater not to be missed in Vietnam in general and especially in Hanoi. Although the story is entirely in Vietnamese, the music and the gestures of the wooden puppets can still convey the full story of the story to all audiences, so the theater is always crowded with domestic and foreign visitors…

Hanoi Night market 

Hanoi night market

The Old Quarter Night Market has long been one of the familiar destinations of Hanoi people on the weekends. This is not only a place for normal trading activities but also a place for cultural exchanges, preserving many unique features of 36 Old Streets in Hanoi, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Located on the 3km-long street from Hang Dao street to the gate of Dong Xuan market and starting from 18h to 23h the same day of every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every Saturday night, at the pedestrian street, performing folk arts, traditional music performed by the Vietnam Association of Musicians, performances of street art of young people make the atmosphere more lively. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the night market, the artists were still engrossed in their performances. The folk stage attracts many elderly people and foreign visitors.

Long Biên Bridge

Long Bien Bridge in night

The legendary Long Bien Bridge is a tourist destination in Hanoi the next evening that you should come to admire the Red River, chat with friends. Long Bien Bridge has been with Hanoi people for over 100 years, experiencing many ups and downs of history.

Ta Hien Beer Street

Ta Hien beer street in night

If Sai Gon has Bui Vien Street, in Hanoi there is Ta Hien Beer Street, the street is only about 100m long but always attracts a lot of tourists. Especially at night, Ta Hien is always noisy and bustling and you will not be able to find high-class beer bars, but simply sidewalk restaurants, diners sit in front of the door, on plastic chairs, with a table with cool beers. Ta Hien Street is a gathering place for many young people and tourists to visit Hanoi because of the comfortable atmosphere and very affordable prices. Ta Hien Street has many snacks that you can try but don’t forget to enjoy a beer here.

Hang Buom Food Street

Hang Buom Food Street

For those who like to eat and drink, it is not to be missed this Hang Buom food street. This neighborhood is quite crowded, the shops here sell quite a lot of delicious food, most of which are Vietnamese specialties for tourists to have the opportunity to enjoy. This culinary neighborhood is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, the first one starts from 19:30 and ends at 0 am so please pay attention to go right at these times to be able to enjoy the fascinating and interesting taste that this neighborhood brings.

Nha Tho Street

Nha Tho street

Rarely does any neighborhood gather almost all the delicacies of many cuisines from around the world, loved by Hanoi people and frequented as Nha Tho Street. When you come here, you can not only see the magnificent Cathedral with medieval Gothic architecture but also enjoy the special dishes of many cultures around the world from Asia to Europe. And this is also one of the places that should not be missed when coming to Hanoi, recommended by famous travel magazines and books in the world.

Quang Ba Flower Night Market 

Quang Ba flower market

Located on Nghi Tam street in Tay Ho district, Quang Ba night flower market operates mainly from around midnight until dawn. This is a tourist destination in Hanoi in the true sense of it when the night comes, people bustle to Quang Ba flower market to buy and sell, making the atmosphere completely different from the quiet of other venues at night. At the Quang Ba night flower market, you will encounter countless types of flowers from roses, daisies, orchids, dahlia… to baby flowers, tulips, lilies. When it comes to holidays or public holidays especially TET, the flower market will be more bustling than usual.

West Lake

West Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Hanoi with an area of about 500ha and to go around the lake, you will have to go about 20km long road. Every night, tourists and locals normally people go to the West Lake for a walk, relax and drink at the cafes right by the lake. Because West Lake has a large area, it is quite easy for you to find a private seat, unlike Hoan Kiem Lake. When visiting West Lake, tourists not only admire the beautiful scenery of this lake but also enjoy many of the typical culinary dishes of this region such as boiled snails, West Lake shrimp cakes, West Lake ice cream …

Walking Street Trinh Cong Son

Walking street Trinh Cong Son

This street is named after the late musician Trinh Cong Son, one of the most famous musicians in Vietnam. Trinh Cong Son walking street is the second walking street in Hanoi after the walking street in Hoan Kiem Lake. On this street, there are stalls modeled in the style of ancient houses, typical for the ancient architecture of Hoi An ancient town. Each stall will showcase, sell souvenirs, drinks and traditional dishes of this region such as Ho Tay shrimp cakes, Phu Thuong sticky rice, snail noodles, and other special regional specialties … You can listen to Trinh music while drinking coffee at roadside bars with prices from 15k – 20k.

Besides, there is a large-scale outdoor stage that specializes in cultural performances such as Trinh Cong Son’s music, water puppet show, mandarin singing, folk songs, and other fun music shows.

These are the best things to do in Hanoi at night, hopefully through this article will help you have unforgettable moments when traveling in Hanoi.

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