Travel to Ta Xua (Yen Bai) & Explore the primeval forest as beautiful as a fairy

Ta Xua primitive forest stretches from an altitude of about 2,600 m up to the highest peak of Ta Xua mountain, wearing a wild and mysterious beauty. The changes of the geological crust from millions of years have created a range of Ta Xua mountain that could not be more impressive.

Ta Xua Peak
Ta Xua Peak

Discovering the primeval forest is one of the must-see experiences when traveling to Ta Xua. The natural scene here changes dramatically with each altitude; The higher you go, the more you can admire the mist spreading across the path to bring a poetic and majestic space.

Ta Xua Forest

You will be able to see firsthand the mossy carpets that fill the way, from the ground to the tall old branches. Mosses with dark green, dark or yellowish colors dominate the space. Many sections of moss are clinging to the species of vines to create a very mysterious space. Surely this will be an interesting experience when traveling to Ta Xua.

Some notes when traveling to Ta Xua mountain climbing to explore the moss forest:

  • Health training exercises for walking, climbing … before the journey.
  • Must have a guide who knows the weather and terrain.
  • Indispensable items: hiking shoes, jackets, raincoats, gloves, bags – sleeping tents, flashlights, insect repellent, bandages, other necessary medicines, drinking water, food, positioning devices…

There will be a Ta Xua ecotourism route

According to our research, a moss forest is a form of epiphytes. The mosses scattered moss and a few ferns, orchids … parasitize on wood, on rocks. In Vietnam, there are only a few high mountains with a cool temperate climate all year round; such as Ta Xua mountain (Yen Bai), Ta Lien (Lai Chau) … that have such impressive epiphytic vegetation.

According to Resolution 35 of Yen Bai province, in the period 2020 – 2025, the Department of Culture and Information of Tram Tau District will plan and develop the eco-tourism route; explore in combination with relaxation, community experience in the mountains of Ta Xua. This tourist route is located in the Northwest tourist area, connecting with other landmarks and local attractions.

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