Bat Trang Pottery Village

Bat Trang Pottery market

Bat Trang is a destination that is not unfamiliar to young people who love the traditional culture of the Vietnamese pottery village. Only less than 15km from the center of Hanoi, this is an extremely ideal place for weekend picnics.

The name Bat Trang means “big yard”; and the village has a history dating back to the Le Dynasty. This is the oldest famous pottery village in Vietnam; as well as a place that domestic and foreign tourists cannot help but visit once.

Bat Trang Museum of Ceramic Art

Bat Trang Museum of Ceramic Art

Bat Trang Pottery Village specializes in the production of various types of ceramics in both types and designs. The most interesting thing when coming to Bat Trang is that you can directly see the artists making delicate ceramic products or be able to craft the products you like.

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Where is Bat Trang Pottery Village?

Bat Trang pottery village is located on the banks of the Red River, in the Gia Lam district, about 14km from the center of Hanoi. This is the oldest and most famous pottery village in Vietnam, attracting the visit of many domestic and foreign tourists.

How to get to Bat Trang Pottery Village?

Located in a convenient location, not far from the city center, when going to Bat Trang pottery village, you will have a variety of means of transportation such as the following ways:


The most popular means of transport for tourists is the bus. It’s both safe and fast without worrying about rain or sun, especially at a very cheap price, suitable for student budgets, only 7000 VND/ticket.

From the inner city, you can catch the bus to Long Bien transit point, right at the beginning of Tran Nhat Duat, there is bus 47A moving from Long Bien bus station to Bat Trang Pottery village.

Motorcycles or other road vehicles (taxis, cars, etc.)

The second choice vehicle for you is a motorbike. Young people who have a passion for backpacking will definitely choose this vehicle.

From Long Bien to Bat Trang by motorbike only takes about 20-25 minutes, which is quite time-saving compared to taking a bus.

Getting from Hanoi to Halong Bay by motorbike

Motorbike for rent

By this means, you will move along the road from the foot of Chuong Duong bridge, or Thanh Tri, Vinh Tuy along the Red River, until you see the direction point of Bat Trang Pottery village, then move along that sign. , about 5 minutes later you are at the address you need to go.

River Road

This vehicle is mainly for tourists who want to explore the unique features of river tourism. Every weekend, there is a tour of the Red River through Bat Trang Pottery Village and Chu Dong Tu Temple.

Red River boat to Bat Trang ceramic village

Red River boat to Bat Trang ceramic village

The Tour ticket price is about 300-400,000 VND / person. If you are tired of the above means of transportation, river travel will be a new experience for you when coming here. However, the travel time by this means will be much longer!

Things to do in Bat Trang Pottery village

What’s so good about visiting Bat Trang?… Here are some suggested interesting places that you should experience.

Visit Bat Trang Ancient Village

Bat Trang Ancient Village

Coming to Bat Trang village, you cannot help but visit the ancient village of Bat Trang with its unique architecture with ancient style. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient village on a buffalo cart to enjoy the rustic, bold Vietnamese atmosphere of the past.

Visit Van Van ancient house

Van Van Ancient House. Photo: Phương Hòa

Van Van Ancient House. Photo: Phương Hòa

Van Van ancient house is a masterpiece of architecture including ceramic motifs, … from before the 15th century. The ancient house is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily, remember to pay attention to the time to visit!

Bat Trang village communal house

Bat Trang village communal house

Located towards the Red River, the communal house is the place to worship the village Thanh Hoang and organize games, events, and festivals in the village.

Learn to make pottery

Learn to make pottery at Bat Trang pottery village

Coming to Bat Trang Pottery Village, you should try participating in pottery-making activities here with a very cheap fee of only 20,000 VND. You will be guided and guided by professional potters here.

Shopping at Bat Trang pottery market

A small shop located in Bat Trang pottery market

Bat Trang Pottery Market is a place where shops selling ceramics are located close together. This is where you can find souvenirs or lovely items made entirely from ceramic, both unique and cheap. The items here are very diverse in color, and size, … extremely beautiful.

Drink Coffee at Ando Cafe

The shop has an ancient and traditional style, decorated with familiar and rustic items, from the stairs made of baked bricks to the porcelain plates with delicate patterns mounted on them. measure out of the way.

Ando Cafe Bat Trang Pottery Village

The space inside the restaurant is quite special, airy, and spacious. It is mainly made of wood, planted with a lot of green trees, helping you to relax and disengage when immersing yourself in the natural space with leaves, wind, and sun… extremely peaceful.

More specifically, inside the shop, there is a separate space used to display all kinds of ceramics, so that customers can visit and also buy souvenirs if they want.

Private half-day tour Bat Trang pottery village suggestion

07:45 – 08:30: The car and tour guide pick you up at the meeting point to depart to visit Bat Trang pottery village.

09:00: Arrive in Bat Trang, you will see many shops selling ceramics, admiring the walls covered with charcoal. And when you come to the pottery workshop, you will be able to see the stages of pottery making and learn about the glaze, and pottery, and then make your own ceramic products that you like under the guidance of the artisans here.

11:30: Return to a local restaurant for lunch and rest.

13:30: The tour guide takes you to visit and shop at Bat Trang Market with hundreds of stalls selling close together. The ceramic products on display are extremely diverse in color and shape, but equally sophisticated, at affordable prices that make everyone want to stop by to buy such as cups, dishes, and ceramic jewelry. .. to make souvenirs for relatives and friends.

14:00: The car takes you back to the center of Hanoi city. End of Bat Trang tour.


  • Buying goods here, you can bargain according to your senses, the bargain price is about 2/3 of the price the seller says, don’t bargain too much without buying.
  • Traveling and choosing items should be very careful to avoid accidentally breaking things. If you have children with you, always keep an eye on them and especially keep them away from the showroom.
  • Look carefully before deciding to buy because there are still products that are defective in the production process.
  • The special experience I have drawn is that the deeper you go inside, the cheaper the product will be. This is what I think because the outside booths rent at a higher price, so their products will be more expensive than the ceramic shops inside.