Dong Xuan Market

Speaking of Hanoi, perhaps it is impossible not to mention the Dong Xuan market, an interesting place to visit and shop in the capital.

History of Dong Xuan market

More than a century ago, people living in Hanoi used to gather in two small riverside markets: one at Bach Ma temple in Ha Khau ward (present-day Hang Buom street), one at the marina and Cau Dong Pagoda (present-day Hang Duong Street). Two small markets meet outside on the open ground, and the marina is busy with all kinds of products.

In 1889, the French cleared these two markets and then herded the people into a larger market, which was the vacant land of Dong Xuan ward. By 1890, the Dong Xuan market began to be built to become the largest market in Hanoi.

dong xuan market in 1890

But in 1994, a big fire completely destroyed the market, causing extremely serious damage.

Today, the Dong Xuan market has been rebuilt, and the design and construction are all drawn from the experience of the previous construction, so there is enough ventilation system, fire fighting system, and emergency stairs.

Dong Xuan Market has become one of the largest and most modern markets in Hanoi.

Where is the Dong Xuan market?

Dong Xuan Market is located in the old town area; Dong Xuan market to the east, Dong Xuan street to the west, Cau Dong street to the south, and Hang Khoai street to the north.

The main gate of the market is located on Dong Xuan Street. Built in 1889 under the Nguyen dynasty, Dong Xuan Market is not only the largest shopping mall in Hanoi but also a famous historical landmark of the Capital.

On February 14, 1947, Dong Xuan market was the place where the fiercest battle took place and the great battle of the Hanoi army and people in the early days of the resistance war.

How to get to Dong Xuan Market

There are many ways to visit the market. In particular, the bus is the most convenient means of transportation.

You can catch bus route No. 1 at Gia Lam bus station – Yen Nghia bus station, bus no.4 from Long Bien station – Nuoc Ngam station, bus no.8 from Long Bien station – Dong My station; or bus numbers 31, 03, 11, 14, 18, 23, 34, 22, 40 are all buses that stop near the market.

Another way you can choose is a taxi. And to avoid being overpriced, you should choose a famous taxi like Mai Linh. Also calling grab car taxi is fine.

If you want to go by motorbike by yourself, follow the directions on google Maps or ask people for directions to Dong Xuan market, and they will show you.

Dong Xuan market opening hours

Like other normal markets in the city, Dong Xuan market is open every day of the week; from 6 am to 6 pm. In particular, on three weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), the market is open at night until 22:30; to serve the needs of walking and shopping visitors.

What is special about Dong Xuan market?

As a wholesale market mainly in the North, Dong Xuan market consists of a 3-story building and has 5 arches on an area of ​​more than 6,500 square meters.

At the market, there are a variety of products for sale; such as clothes, shoes, household goods, toys, and fabrics with traditional patterns, … In addition, outside the market there are stalls selling confectionery, souvenirs, food, …

The Dong Xuan market is divided into clear areas by floors and is always crowded with buyers and sellers.

Right from the entrance on the ground floor, you will come across a wide range of shops; from clothes, shoes, and sunglasses of all kinds, to electronics such as chargers, cables, flashlights, and radio speakers,…

Inside Dong Xuan market

The items here mainly originated from China. The second floor is the area for wholesale and sale of clothes, fabrics, and silk brocade for adults; The third floor is reserved for the stalls selling goods for babies, and children, …

In addition, next to Dong Xuan market, there is Dong Xuan Lane, where there are a lot of food and drink shops. This will be a place you can not miss if you want to explore Hanoi’s cuisine.

There will definitely be plenty of delicious, nutritious, and cheap dishes; such as rib porridge, noodle soup, shrimp cake, eel vermicelli, and various kinds of tea, …

Dong Xuan Night Market

On the evening of Friday, Saturday, and weekends, there is also a night market in front of the gate of Dong Xuan market.

For those of you who do not have time to visit the market during the day, you can go in the evening. Hanoi Dong Xuan night market extends from Hoan Kiem Lake through Hang Ngang, Hang Dao until the end of Hang Duong, operating until midnight. Just walking along that route, you will discover all the interesting stalls.

There are many shops selling clothes, shoes, food, etc. at affordable prices.

Immerse yourself in the crowded, bustling atmosphere of the night market with all kinds of items, choose for relatives’ and friends’ souvenirs as gifts and enjoy delicious street food!

Special Cuisine

Inside the market, there are snack and fast food stalls. However, if you want to enjoy specialties, move to the areas around the market.

Dong Xuan market alley

A place not to be missed for food lovers is Dong Xuan market alley. This place concentrates a lot of restaurants and eateries with famous delicacies such as:

  • Rib congee
  • Bun cha
  • Shrimp cake

Tourist spots near Dong Xuan market

From the Dong Xuan Market area, you can visit many famous tourist attractions of Hanoi such as Hanoi Old Quarter, Hanoi Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House, Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda … and many other tourist attractions.


  • The market is located not far from the city center, so you can walk to comfortably explore the market and surrounding areas.
  • Do not bid, bargain early in the morning, or ask for products without buying.
  • Dong Xuan Market is almost always very crowded, so you should be very attentive and careful with your belongings.
  • The variety of items can make it difficult for you to choose to buy, you should consult the prices of a few places before deciding to buy to avoid being overpriced.