Hanoi Train Street

Hanoi train street

Visiting Hanoi train street, no matter what time of day, is an experience not to be missed, making you remember it forever.

Due to the trading situation, taking photos at coffee shops located on Hanoi’s train streets is affecting the order and safety of railway traffic. From September 15, 2022, the city’s functional forces have set up barricades and reminded visitors not to enter this area.

About Hanoi train street

In the middle of Hanoi city, there is a railway line that every day trains pass in front of the houses of the households living next door. Over time, it has been called by the people by the name “Hanoi Train Street”.

Train Street is a special unique feature of Hanoi: The street is not for cars, but only for pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes, and… trains.

Hanoi train street

Photo: @Ly.wander/Instagram

Along this railway corridor, there are many great stops but the most famous is at lane 224, Le Duan Street.

This small alley gathers many cute cafes or small bars for visitors to sit and wait for the train to pass. There you can see ships passing by day and night.

Where is Hanoi train street?

This is a railway corridor extending from Kham Thien to Giai Phong – Dai Co Viet intersection and from Dien Bien Phu to Tran Phu and then along Phung Hung Street up to Long Bien Bridge.

Hanoi train street schedule

Monday – Friday: 6:03, 6:13, 7:03, 19:00; 19:45; 21:03; 23:03, 22:33

Weekends: the time frames as above and adds 8:43, 9:20, 11:40, 15:23, and 17:36.

In particular, many locals here are familiar with the train’s timetable. They are always happy to remind tourists when a train arrives.

Best time to visit Hanoi train street

If you just want to come here to take good pictures then visit during the day. But if you want to experience and immerse yourself in the rhythm of the people here, the evening is a great time.

Things to do at Hanoi train street

Experience the daily life of the people of the train street

The most popular train time of the day is at 15:20. This is also the time when the railway neighborhood is the busiest. Restaurants are displayed along the railway track, in front of the house.

Visitors here will stop at a roadside shop, sip a cup of hot coffee, wait for the train to pass, and take unique photos.

With just a little look, you will realize the unique charm of this small village. That makes you can’t help but raise the camera and capture every detail and moment.

Hanoi train street

Once you stop at that train street, you will be mesmerized by the old, simple beauty of the architecture here. Old and new houses mixed with all colors will bring a blend of urban and rural beauty, modern and ancient.

The flowers drooping from the balcony add vitality to the street, creating an idyllic but familiar beauty.

This small street is completely separate from the noisy city outside. Only the sound of the train whistle echoes between the rows of ancient houses – an idyllic sound, becoming an indispensable part of every person in Hanoi’s train street.

Anyone, once stepping foot in this place, will love the sound of the train whistle, love the peaceful look of the small hamlet in the heart of the capital.

Train street at night

In the evening on this train street, there are fewer visitors because most people choose the daytime to take the best photos. However, when the night falls, Hanoi’s train street has its own charm.

When the city lights up, the small street along the train road becomes more vibrant and bustling. Stopping at the train street in the evening, you will see the family gathering to chat, the aroma of food with smoke rising from the kitchen…

Hanoi train street on night

Hanoi train street at night

In the narrow houses of several tens of square meters, the light of electric lamps flickered out with laughter and laughter. Sometimes there is also the sound of neighbors asking each other or the sound of people’s footsteps passing by, the creaking sound coming from the houses… It will give you a very idyllic feeling.

When walking on Hanoi’s train street in the evening, you just need to stop at a coffee shop and enjoy a beer or cup of coffee, enjoying the fun scene happening around; A feeling of peace and relaxation welled up in the heart.

Check-in at Hanoi train street

Taking pictures in the middle of a train line has a lot of potential for traffic accidents. This railway is still in operation, so every time a train passes by, people and tourists alike huddle close to the houses to avoid being injured.

check-in at train street

Photo: @ly.wander/Instagram

However, for many people, it feels stimulating. Capturing an impressive moment with the passing ship makes them both excited and amazed.

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