Museum of People’s Public Security

Museum of People's Public Security

Located at No. 1, Tran Binh Trong, Hanoi, for a long time, the Museum of People’s Public Security (formerly the Museum Room under the Department of Propaganda and Training) is the red address for soldiers in the police force as well as the people to learn about the material as well as review historical traditions; about the victories as well as the development of the Vietnamese police force.

Established in 1967, the Museum of People’s Public Security has undergone several repairs. The museum’s infrastructure is also always expanded to serve the work of preserving the historical value of the Vietnamese Public Security sector. The museum’s display building now covers an area of ​​about 600 square meters.

With nearly 1,200 square meters of the display, the total artifacts are up to 1,700, the People’s Public Security Museum recreates 70 years of heroic combat as well as the construction and development process of the police force.

In 2017, the People’s Public Security Museum was awarded a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister; for activities, the merits of collecting, keeping, and promoting the value of thousands of documents and exhibits related to the history of the police force for more than 70 years.

Not only exhibiting documents and artifacts to preserve and promote the historical values ​​of the Vietnamese police force, but the museum also has many activities on the sidelines, attracting visitors to visit. Some of the museum’s activities include:

  • Activities to visit museums for children
  • Fire protection activities
  • Experience “learning to be a soldier”

Currently, the People’s Public Security Museum attracts more and more visitors to visit and study. To the museum, visitors can go by means such as:

  • Car/motorbike: Parking in the museum parking lot
  • Taxi, motorbike taxi: If you do not want to drive by yourself, you can take this vehicle
  • Bus: Bus routes with stops near the museum include buses 1, 30, 34, 16

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