Quang Ba Flower Market

Quang Ba Flower Market

Quang Ba flower market also known as Quang An flower market is one of the most famous flower markets in Hanoi and is also considered a cultural beauty by the capital’s people. This is not only a wholesale market supplying fresh flowers to the city but also a great destination to enjoy the scent of countless flowers.

Coming to Quang Ba flower market, you will see a very different Hanoi. When the whole city is still asleep, the Quang Ba flower market is bustling again, filled with flowers. The light emitted from the overhead lights makes the whole market immersed in shimmering, fanciful colors.

Where is Quang Ba Flower Market?

Quang Ba Flower Market is located at 236 Au Co, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. The market operates all year round, opening from dusk and ending at dawn. This is the place where flower growers gather in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

Not only is it a large wholesale flower market, which supplies the capital’s fresh flowers, but Quang Ba is also a beauty in the culture of the Hanoi people, where visitors discover the shape of the capital sleeping peacefully at night.

Night flower market in Hanoi

Night flower market in Hanoi

How to get to Quang Ba Flower Market?

Located in one of the inner city districts of the city, moving from other locations to the market is quite simple and easy. If you traveling by motorbike, you can park your motorbike in the parking lots around the market, remember to pay attention to the price and carefully preserve your personal property when parking here.

Another option is to go to the market by public bus, visitors can refer to the following bus routes passing through Quang Ba flower market: Bus route number 31 (University of Science and Technology – University of Mines), bus route 41 (Nghi Tam – Giap Bat Publishing House); 55A (Times City – Cau Giay); 55B (Aeon Mall Long Bien – Cau Giay) and bus route number 58 (Long Bien – Me Linh General Hospital). To look up the detailed schedules of the above bus routes and nearby stops, you can refer to: https://map.busmap.vn/.

Highlights of Quang Ba Flower Market

Favorite Check-in Location

Considered a paradise of flowers, Quang Ba night flower market is a gathering place of hundreds of different flowers from large fresh flower gardens in the vicinity such as Tay Tuu, Dong Anh, and Gia Lam.

Coming to the market, you will be overwhelmed by the different vibrant colors from the colorful flower stalls with hundreds of flowers from common flowers such as chrysanthemum, pink, lily, and orchid, …; to flower varieties imported from abroad such as willow flowers, tulips, peonies…

Check-in at Quang Ba Flower Market

Coming to Quang Ba flower market, it is not too difficult to see young people and tourists walking around looking at flowers, and checking in for beautiful photos next to the flower stalls. Surely with a super beautiful background full of flowers, young people will know how to make their photos more realistic and gorgeous.


  • Since this is a business place, if you want to take a selfie, please ask the flower stall owner’s permission before taking a photo or buy a bouquet of flowers before taking a photo.

The Flower Paradise

For tourists from afar, the Quang Ba flower market is a new thing, but for Hanoians, especially flower lovers, this place is too familiar. You have to come here to feel the beauty and fun of it. Quang Ba Flower Market is like a colorful flower exhibition. The flowers are extremely diverse and abundant, even under dim light, they still shine unexpectedly.

Flower shops at Quang Ba flower market

Flower shops

The market is like a giant flower garden, filled with flowers of all kinds such as roses, orchids, lilies, daisies, and carnations. Even rare flowers of all colors and fragrances. Because the market is held at night, there are still drops of sparkling night dew on the petals, reflecting the flashlight to create a subtle and subtle beauty that easily shakes the souls of beauty lovers.

Buy Flowers with “Soft” Price

As one of the largest flower markets in Hanoi, Quang Ba is a source of fresh flowers chosen by many individuals and traders to buy and sell flowers.
Tips: Every time you go to the flower market, you should bring a flashlight to look at the flowers carefully.

Want to check if the flowers are still fresh, you look to see if the calyx still hugs the flower, and discreetly pull a leaf with your hand to see if the leaf is still firmly attached to the flower branch. You can drop the bouquet to the ground, and shake it to see if the tiny flowers or petals will fall off… If the answer is “no”, then the flowers are still fresh and vice versa.

With a cheap price, this is one of the favorite places for flower lovers

With a cheap price, this is one of the favorite places for flower lovers

How to bid and a bargain: Going to Quang Ba market, you will be dazzled by hundreds of blooming flowers. A little tip for you: Don’t buy flowers right away, but take a walk around the market. The same flower, but the price at different stores is not the same.

Especially during the Tet holiday, the price at the beginning of the market differs from the price at the end. You should go to the price and ask the people who have bought before to know the general price.

Quang Ba Flower Market on Holidays

On these days, the market operates almost all day, from morning to late evening, the flowers in the market will exceed weekdays in both quantity and quality.

The flowers for sale at Quang Ba night flower market also change gradually according to the holidays and New Year: Sometimes they are golden chrysanthemums, sometimes they are pure white daisies, …; or the upcoming New Year will be the red and pink color of peach blossoms, the yellow color of apricot flowers and the purple color of lilies.

Quang Ba flower market busier ahead of Tet With the bright red color of peach blossom

Quang Ba flower market is busier ahead of Tet With the bright red color of peach blossom.

At this time, the market is always in a state of overload and traffic congestion. Customers from all over the world flock here to buy themselves the most beautiful flowers, and this is also the time that many tourists choose to go to the market to visit and take pictures.

Experience Nightlife

The flower market is most crowded at 2 am. But the sellers have to prepare from 10 pm to prepare in time and best serve the needs of buyers. As soon as the market ends at dawn, they go to the fields again, spray pesticides, cut flowers, etc. and have only a few hours to rest before the new market starts.

Wandering around the market, and watching Hanoi different at night

Wandering around Quang Ba flower market, and watching Hanoi different at night

If you have not been to the Quang Ba flower market, you will certainly not be able to fully feel the beauty of labor here. Despite being so busy, the people in Quang Ba still laughed and talked happily, jubilantly in a night market. Because they are working together to not only create economic benefits, but they also have a mission to continue the unique culture of the thousand-year-old capital.

Under the dim lights, the scene of working people continued to work until dawn. From here, cars full of colorful flowers are transported to all roads and streets of the capital and neighboring provinces. Those touches make people feel a part of the nightlife and the hardships of the flower-growing life of the people of Quang Ba.


  • Because it will be quite dark in the market, please bring a flashlight to ensure you can buy fresh and beautiful flowers.
  • It is recommended to go to the market around 2-3 am, at this time the carts are full, so there will be more flowers to choose from.
  • The price of flowers here is already very cheap, so you don’t have to pay the price. However, you should pay close attention, because some stalls will mix old flowers, and stamped flowers are no longer fresh.
  • Because you go in the evening, remember to keep your personal belongings and money.