St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

In the list of famous churches of Hanoi city, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi with ancient and majestic architecture is not only a place for Catholics but also a destination that is hard to ignore for many visitors.

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

Visiting the church, you will be free to explore, take pictures to check in, and participate in many unforgettable experiences.

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The History of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

As one of the earliest Catholic architectural works built in Hanoi, the Cathedral has undergone many ups and downs in the history of the country, permeating the lives and souls of many people in Hanoi.

The land for the construction of the church is where the Bao Thien pagoda is located; existed since the Ly dynasty.

By the end of the 18th century, the Bao Thien pagoda was destroyed and became a small market before the first church was built.

From 1884 – 1888, the Catholic Church constructed the brick church on the original wooden temporary church foundation.

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi in 1887

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi in 1887

This is the largest church built in Hanoi, and is honored as the “Cathedral Church of St. Joseph”. The church was inaugurated on Christmas in 1887.

The unique architecture of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

From Hoan Kiem lake along the direction of Nha Chung Street, visitors can easily find their way to the church. Highlight in the middle of the neighborhood with a large square with the statue of Our Lady holding the Child.

the statue of Our Lady holding the Child St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

Visitors will have to enter the church through the side gate. Dubbed the oldest church and the most beautiful architecture in Hanoi, the Cathedral has been elaborately designed by the hands of talented artisans.

With European and Gothic design styles, the Cathedral was built according to the motif of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

In front of the St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

The church is about 65m long, 21m wide and 2 bell towers nearly 32m high, fixed by huge stone pillars. The exquisitely designed stone cross attracts everyone’s gaze right from the moment of entering.

The entire tile floor is created from terracotta bricks; the four sides of the field are plastered with mulch paper to create an ancient and beautiful space.

The sanctuary in the church is decorated in the traditional folk art style

The sanctuary in the church is decorated in the traditional folk art style.

Because it is a hundred years old, the church wall is covered with moss; creating a wild and mysterious scene.

The main doorways and doors are shaped like sharp arches, characteristic of the Gothic style. The sizeable curved dome facing upwards creates a tall space.

Deep colors, mainly European style, mixed with many motifs bearing Vietnamese images; makes the two sides of the church aisle attractive to tourists admiring and admiring the unique beauty.

Where is St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

Hanoi Cathedral is located at the intersection of 3 major streets, namely Nha Chung, Ly Quoc Su, and Nha Tho streets (address 40 Nha Chung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi).

This place has become an attractive Hanoi tourist destination not only for young Hanoians but also for tourists from all over the world coming to this city.

How to get to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

To get to the Cathedral, in addition to private vehicles such as motorbikes, taxis, … you can only walk; because it is located in the old town on a no-bus route, so there is no bus passing through this place.

Instead, take a bus to the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake (bus numbers 04, 09B, 34, 35A, 43); and then walk a bit more to the church.

Or you can also take bus No.1 to Trieu Quoc Dat street, or bus No.2 to Trang Thi; then walk on Phu Doan street to Au Trieu, you will see the church.

Opening hours of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

Although there is no admission ticket, you can not always enter Hanoi Cathedral.

Usually, the church will be open from 8 am – 11 am and from 2 pm –  8 pm (from Monday to Saturday), from 7 am – 11h30 am, and from 3 pm – 9 pm (on Sunday).

In case you want to attend the ceremony, you must come early, Monday to Friday is 5:30 and 18h15, and Saturday is 6 pm.

On Sunday, the Mass will take place at more time frames, 5 am, 7 am, 9 am, 11 am (French ceremony), 16h (children’s ceremony), 18h and 20h (adult ceremony).

What to See and Do in St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

Take beautiful pictures

Whether it’s sunny days, autumn with golden leaves, or winter with the cold winds of winter, Hanoi Cathedral is ready for you to take super beautiful photos.

Check-in at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

Any tourist coming to Hanoi cannot ignore this check-in place, with what the Hanoi Cathedral is there, it will definitely give you extremely beautiful and cool photos in your life. his travel.

Don’t miss this wonderful experience when coming to Hanoi Cathedral!

Drink lemon tea

It is not known when lemon tea became a specialty drink in the Hanoi cathedral area. In addition to lemon tea, there are many other snacks such as vermicelli, pho, bread…

Drinking lemon tea in Nha Tho street near St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi will be an unforgettable experience for you

Drink lemon tea in Nha Tho street will be an unforgettable experience for you

Although the snacks are not new, they are characterized by “street food” in Hanoi, with only a few tens of thousands of dollars, you can enjoy delicious Hanoi-style snacks here.

Participating in a Ceremony

Visiting Holy Masses held in Hanoi Cathedral is an interesting experience that you should try first when visiting this place.

This is the place that most clearly shows the beliefs and religions of the parishioners through Masses at the church such as weddings, baptisms,…

If you are a pagan and want to learn more about the uniqueness of the rituals in a Catholic ceremony, this is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


  • Hanoi Cathedral is open to visitors free of charge, opening and closing hours of the church may vary by day (the church is usually closed during lunch break).
  • When visiting the church during the ceremonies, you should pay attention to dress politely, discreetly and neatly; do not speak loudly, and absolutely should not speak words that discriminate against religious differences, or offend the Saints and other parishioners.

Explore Hoan Kiem Lake walking street at the weekend

A perfect tour schedule for you is that you can go to the Cathedral in the afternoon, then in the evening, you can go to the pedestrian street to join and immerse yourself in the vibrant, fun, and exciting pace of life. dynamic of this street at night.

Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street. Photo:

Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street. Photo:

On weekends, there opens a walking street to serve the entertainment and entertainment needs of Hanoians and foreign tourists.

It regularly organizes music events, shows, volunteer activities…

Join the Christmas Celebration

Around the time of Christmas, it is also the time when Hanoi Cathedral will be decorated with the most shimmering and beautiful decorations, attracting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi on Chrismast day

St Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi on Chrismast day

Whether you are a Catholic or a pagan, every Christmas comes, we always pray for peace, happiness and blessings to all the loved ones around us.

When you come to Hanoi Cathedral on Christmas, you will enjoy the warm and happy atmosphere with the Christmas tree sparkling with lights, shimmering with the rock caves recreating the legendary story of Jesus Christ.