Van Nien Pagoda

The gate of Van Nien Pagoda

Van Nien pagoda – an ancient pagoda that is thousands of years old; lying in the western area of ​​West Lake – in Xuan La ward, Tay Ho district.

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The history

The pagoda was built under the Ly dynasty; Up to now, it is thousands of years old and is considered one of the most sacred temples in the city.

According to historical books recorded: Van Nien Pagoda was built in the 2nd year of Thuan Thien; Up to now, it has been thousands of years since King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital from Hoa Lu – Ninh Binh to the old citadel of Thang Long (now Hanoi).

Previously, the pagoda was called Van Tue pagoda, later it was renamed Van Nien pagoda, and this is one of the temples of Vajrayana Buddhism.

The main gate of Van Nien Pagoda

The gate of Van Nien Pagoda

This place is now not only known as a spiritual place but also a tourist destination in Hanoi.

The main Tam Quan gate of the pagoda overlooks West Lake. Over thousands of years of history, the temple has deteriorated and had to be restored many times.

The biggest restoration to almost renovate the entire architecture of the pagoda was around the 19th century under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Therefore, all architectural parts of the pagoda carry a bit of the architectural direction of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The architecture of the Van Nien Pagoda

The overall architectural design of the pagoda includes the three-door gate, the main pagoda (Mau temple to worship Lieu Hanh Princess), the Sang house, and the outhouse.

Around the space of the temple are planted many ornamental plants to create the freshness of the temple.

Van Nien Pagoda

The main pagoda was built in the style of a 5-room house architecture; The door or main pillars of Mau Temple are made of wood. This place is a place of worship for Lieu Hanh.

The interior area of the Van Nien pagoda is where you will feel the aroma of wood and incense and the cool and fresh air.

Jade Buddha Statue at Van Nien Pagoda

Jade Buddha Statue. Photo: Toàn Dũng Media/

The pagoda also preserves a set of relics including more than 40 round statues and 10 deity deities of the Le and Tay Son dynasties with high spiritual, historical and cultural, and artistic values.

There is also an article on the bronze bell “Van Nien Tu Chung” cast in the Gia Long dynasty.