Vietnam Women Museum – One of the most attractive museums in Asia

Located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, downtown Hanoi, Vietnam Women Museum is one of the places to visit while traveling in Hanoi.

Established in 1987 under the Vietnam Women’s Union, the Vietnam Women’s Museum is a museum with the function of researching, preserving and displaying intangible heritages of history and literature. As a result, Vietnamese women are at the same time as the center of cultural exchanges of Vietnamese women and the world women for the purpose of “equality, development, and peace”.

Since its inauguration in 1995, the Vietnam Women Museum has a huge collection of more than 25,000 artifacts, and there are many exhibitions serving hundreds of thousands of domestic and international visitors each year.
With an area of ​​1,500m², displaying many artifacts, documentaries, documents and information systems in three languages ​​Vietnamese, English, French, the Museum has provided the public with the opportunity to explore images of Vietnamese women in all walks of life, while also highlighting the cultural diversity of women of Vietnamese ethnic groups through introductory topics.

From 2012 to date, the Vietnam Women Museum has always been in the top of the most attractive tourist destinations in Hanoi, according to TripAdvisor reviews, the largest travel website in the world. In particular, in 2013, TripAdvisor voted the Vietnam Women’s Museum into the top 25 most attractive museums in Asia.

Coming to the Vietnam Women’s Museum, domestic and foreign tourists will have unforgettable experiences with more than thousands of documents, artifacts, and images detailing meaningful stories about Vietnamese women.

Some pictures of Vietnamese Women’s Museum