Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day

Vietnam Independence Day is an official holiday of Vietnam, taking place on September 2 every year, commemorating the day President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi.

On Vietnam independence day, there will usually be beautiful weather, very favorable for fun activities, entertainment, and travel. Therefore, tourist destinations on this national day holiday will always attract a large number of tourists to visit and experience resort services, entertainment, entertainment, and cuisine.

Here are suggestions for the most ideal destinations during this national holiday.

Yen Bai

During the National Day holiday, Yen Bai province often organizes many unique cultural, artistic, and tourism activities to serve local and foreign people and tourists.

Thai village, Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

Especially coming to the highlands of Mu Cang Chai, in addition to experiencing terraced fields in the ripe rice season, visitors can enjoy a special night of music to celebrate Vietnam Independence Day, participate in art exhibitions, and experience the Regional Market.

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Hanoi is the capital of thousands of years of civilization with ancient relics and peaceful life. If you have ever traveled to Hanoi, you certainly cannot forget the typical atmosphere here.

One of the unique features of Hanoi tourism is visiting the city by cyclo. Many visitors to Hanoi choose this vehicle to visit and discover the ancient beauty on each street in the middle of a busy and bustling Hanoi.

Hanoi has many interesting and attractive destinations for you to explore during your journey. Traveling to Hanoi, it is impossible to ignore the political center of Vietnam with the National Assembly, the Presidential Palace, and the historic Ba Dinh Square – where Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

One Pillar Pagoda Hanoi (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

Temple of Literature – Vietnam’s first university is the next suggestion in the capital’s travel itinerary. You can also go to Tran Quoc Pagoda to visit, with unique architecture, the pagoda is located on the east side of West Lake.

Built during the reign of King Ly Nam De, the pagoda still preserves many artifacts of historical and cultural value such as a set of worshiping statues in the Upper Palace, especially the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha entering Nirvana.

There are also many other destinations not to be missed when coming to Hanoi, such as Old Quarter, West Lake, Hanoi Cathedral, etc.

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With a cool climate all year round, and many beautiful landscapes, Sapa is a great choice for foreign tourists to have fun and explore during Vietnam independence day.

September to November is the time when Sa Pa transforms brilliantly with the golden ripe rice color throughout the terraced fields, captivating travelers.

Pao's Sapa Leisure Hotel (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

For those who want to be in harmony with nature, Ham Rong tourist area, Hoang Lien Son mountain, Silver waterfall, May bridge, Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village, and Fansipan peak … are destinations that cannot be more ideal.

In particular, do not forget to visit the highland markets in Sa Pa to discover the unique culture of the ethnic minorities here and enjoy many local specialties.

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Ha Giang

Ha Giang’s natural scenery always attracts tourists by its grandeur, along with the typical flowers of the mountainous region that must be visited in the right season for visitors to have the opportunity to admire.

Located in the northernmost point of our country, Ha Giang is a place that most young people love and want to check in once.

Lung Cu flag tower (2), Ha Giang, Vietnam (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

Lung Cu flagpole is always chosen by many tourists to visit during the National Day holiday on September 2. S

Standing at the top of the flagpole, visitors can see the majestic scenery of the whole land of Ha Giang – a rustic and simple picture of the villages of the ethnic people also captivates visitors.

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Co To Island

Located in Quang Ninh province, Co To island is one of the most beautiful island paradises in Vietnam and an ideal choice for the National Day holiday on September 2.

Co To island

With ravishing beaches, white sand, and jade-green sea water, Co To brings an undeniable beauty to sea lovers.

Located more than 3 hours from the mainland by boat, Co To is a completely quiet resort, with no dust, no noise, only the sound of the waves.

Ha Long Bay

Early September is a great time to visit Ha Long Bay. The summer weather is hot and sultry, but this time is replaced by cool, fresh air, the day is longer, and the sky is clear, suitable for watching the sunrise or sunset in the late afternoon.

Sun World Halong Bay Park

Visitors can completely immerse themselves in nature, and participate in all interesting activities in a Ha Long tour: visit caves, fishing villages, swimming, kayaking … without having to worry about being tired by the sun harsh or bitter cold of winter.

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Da Nang

Referring to the beautiful tourist destinations in Da Nang on Vietnam’s independence day, visitors will immediately think of the beautiful, sunny beaches in this tourist city.

Da Nang has many beautiful beaches that are loved by tourists such as Non-Nuoc beach, Thanh Khe beach, Nam O beach, Pham Van Dong beach…

Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, Vietnam

Especially, Da Nang also has My Khe beach which was voted by the American magazine Forbes as one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world.

Ba Na Hills has long become an irreplaceable tourist symbol of the city by the Han River. Ba Na Hills tourist area is only 29km from Da Nang city, so visitors only need 30 minutes to move to this place.

Ba Na Hills is also one of the most ideal tourist destinations in Da Nang during the Vietnam independence day

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Hoi An

With attractions such as Thanh Ha pottery village, Bay Mau coconut forest, Hoi An ancient town attracts a lot of tourists.

Lantern streets in Hoi An (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

A series of cultural and artistic activities along with tourism stimulus programs at famous destinations of Hoi An has started to welcome and attract tourists to the locality on the occasion of National Day.

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Hue, Vietnam (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

The ancient capital of Hue is famous for its poetic scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and the treasure trove of UNESCO-listed cultural heritage – things that make the city the perfect location for foreign tourists on Vietnam independence day.

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Phu Quoc

Dubbed Pearl Island, the beauty of Phu Quoc is ready to conquer anyone, even the most fastidious tourists, but this place has been dubbed the Resort Paradise in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island (Best places to visit on Vietnam Independence Day)

As the largest island of Vietnam located in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc attracts visitors with beautiful beaches, and landscapes with beauty nowhere else can be found. Coming to the beautiful island of Phu Quoc, you will certainly not regret your choice.

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