Cuc Phuong National Park Travel Guide

Cuc Phuong National Park is located 120km southwest of Hanoi, bordering Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa. Cuc Phuong National Park covers an area of 25,000 hectares and is also the first national forest in Vietnam.

The park is characteristic of a tropical rain forest that is green all year round with extremely rich and diverse fauna and flora. There are many species of highly endangered flora and fauna that have been discovered and preserved here, in which the white-backed langur is considered a symbol of the Cuc Phuong forest.

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Best time to visit Cuc Phuong National Park

The best time to visit Cuc Phuong National Park is in the dry season (from December to May), at this time the weather in the forest is very cool. Avoid going in the rainy season because the road is slippery and the forest has a lot of mosquitoes and squeezed, which will affect the travel experience.

Especially, coming to Cuc Phuong National Park in May is the time when the butterflies in Cuc Phuong forest are most blooming. With the number of individuals that can be up to millions of individuals, boasting about each other, making this place look like a beautiful “butterfly forest” like in a fairyland.

How to get to Cuc Phuong National Park from Hanoi city?

Coming to Cuc Phuong you can go by motorbike, self-driving car or bus. If traveling by private car you will feel more comfortable, the car can run deep into the forest.

Hanoi to Cuc Phuong National Park route map
Hanoi to Cuc Phuong National Park route map

Traveling by motorbike or self-driving car: From Hanoi, move along Highway 1A, to the Gian Khau junction (Gia Vien district, 10km from Ninh Binh city) and then continue to turn to Highway 12A passing through town Nho Quan 2km then turn left to come to Cuc Phuong.

Transfer by bus: You can go to Giap Bat bus station to take the Nho Quan bus route – from here, get off the bus and continue to take the bus to Cuc Phuong forest.

Places to visit when visiting Cuc Phuong National Park

Con Moong Cave

Con Moong Cave in Cuc Phuong National Park

Because outside the cave, there is a large protruding rock that looks like an animal, so it is named Con Moong cave (animal cave in Muong language). This is also the residence of the dark ancient people and is also an important archaeological site classified as a national monument.

Crescent Moon Cave

From a distance, looking at the cave gate has a crescent moon shape, the cave is located deep in the forest.

Silver Cloud Peak

Silver Cloud Peak is 648m high, from the top one can see a panoramic view of the national park together with the ancient capital Hoa Lu and Bai Dinh pagoda.

However, the road to the top of Silver Cloud peak has many rocky slopes which are quite difficult to go to, so this place is only suitable for people in good health.

Yen Quang lake – Pho Ma cave

7km back to Nho Quan road, to Tri Phuong bridge, turn west to go to Yen Quang lake. Continuing through Thung La to the foot of the limestone mountain range is Pho Ma cave. Pho Ma Cave is a magical architectural work of nature created with countless stalactites with interesting shapes.

Ancient trees of a thousand years

One of the old trees in Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong forest has a lot of old trees such as Dang Tree 45m high with a diameter of 5m, a thousand-year-old green parrot tree has a circumference of more than 20 people …

Things to do in Cuc Phuong National Park

Walk-in primeval forest

Walking tour in Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong has built many walking routes in the forest, with different content and timing; Tourists can choose for themselves the suitable routes. some walking routes you can explore by yourself; however, with the guidance and recommendation of the tour guide, your trip will surely become more exciting and meaningful.

Camping routes and overnight in the forest, long day trekking route to Ngoc Son conservation area, Pu Luong conservation area are attractive routes that are interested in many tourists.

Explore Ancient Cave

The cave has an arch 45m high, looks like a giant dragon’s mouth with an area of ​​about 30m2, relatively flat.

Ecotourism in Muong village

Cuc Phuong is also the residence of the Muong community with many unique cultural features such as stilt houses, terraced fields, brocade looms …

With one or two nights stay in Muong village, tourists contribute to income generation and support for conservation. During the time in the village, the Muong people with enthusiasm and hospitality will give visitors a comfortable time and opportunity to learn and explore unique local cultures.

See wildlife

Cuc Phuong national park

Depending on weather conditions, the National Park may host a nighttime wildlife viewing program; With this program, visitors will have the opportunity to see some wild animals such as: Black Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Hopper, loris and some small carnivores.

Bird watching

Cuc Phuong is one of the most diverse sites of bird fauna in northern Vietnam, with 308 species discovered and statistic; There are many rare and precious species such as: Red -headed Woodpecker, White Pheasant, Brown Niec, Stripe-bellied Tail …, especially endemic species of Vietnam and Indochina. Therefore, Cuc Phuong has become a place not to be missed for scientists and bird watchers. The best time to watch birds is early morning and evening.

Cycling in the woods

Biking tour in Cuc Phuong National Park

One of the forms of discovering the mystery of Cuc Phuong nature is cycling in the forest. Cycling in the forest will not only give visitors a sense of tranquility, a real sense of nature; but also give visitors opportunities to encounter rare animals in Cuc Phuong.


Staying at Cuc Phuong, visitors can participate in many recreational activities, relax. Kayaking on Mac and Yen Quang lakes is one of the most popular activities for tourists.

Primate Rescue Center

Primate Rescue Center in Cuc Phuong National Park

A place to conserve and nurture many rare primate species. Here visitors will not only observe the beauty of primates but also learn more about this animal.

Things to note

Need to prepare all necessary items such as hats, jungle shoes, medicine, bandages, food and drinks…. before joining Cuc Phuong.
You can also bring binoculars to admire the scenery

In the forest there are many types of mosquitoes squeezed, so one tip for you to prevent these obnoxious animals is to buy DEP (scabies medicine) cream applied to sensitive areas such as head, neck, wrists, ankles … The stench of this drug is the etching of the insects above.

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