Cycling in Vietnam: The best cycling routes in Vietnam for the traveler

On World Cycling Day, Agoda shares 5 reasons why you should explore the world by bike, and also recommend beautiful cycling routes in Vietnam.

Cycling in Vietnam

Cycling in Vietnam: Top 5 reasons cycling is good for you

Immerse yourself in nature

According to Agoda’s 2019 Attitude & Behavior survey, nature and the countryside are the top reasons motivate people to travel.

When cycling, you are immersed in the roads, harmonizing with the poetic scenery, natural parks, and the countryside. Enjoy things your way, get off the bike whenever you like, or simply stop to enjoy the sweet scent of the flowers.

Unique experience

Whether it’s where you live or right in your own country, try to experience it with realism.

While cycling, you can easily explore the trails, set foot in places that would be difficult to reach by public transport, explore fascinating trails, meet locals, and travel experience with a new perspective.

Health promotion

Health has been a hot topic of 2020 and who denied an opportunity to both be physically active and discover interesting things? You will feel this is a rewarding and rewarding experience when you make every effort to cycle through the roads.

Environmentally friendly

Want to reduce your carbon footprint to the environment? According to a recent study of the most anticipated travel trends in the next 10 years, more than 25% of travelers want to choose a more eco-friendly travel style this decade. It can be said that cycling is an economical and environmentally friendly activity to move around.

The itinerary is also important

The itinerary is also an enjoyable part of your travel experience. It can be a challenging road with rolling hills, or a family cycle together in the windy nature to come to a new land. Traveling on the bike cycles can be a perfect adventure.

Especially when you travel to Vietnam, where there are many beautiful routes that are suitable for cycling to explore the countryside, stretching coastal roads…

The best cycling routes in Vietnam

Sometimes you will find it frustrating to cycle in the traffic density in major cities in Vietnam. Even so, the S-shaped strip still has countless other places for you to explore on the bike wheel, to see the romantic beaches, beautiful hilly scenery and unique cultural experiences.

If you are traveling with a large group of people, you can choose a unique accommodation such as a boat ride, a treehouse, a budget, and a luxury hotel, as well as a private home.

For families

Hoi an (Cycling in Vietnam)
Hoi An, Vietnam

Parents can leave the bustling city and cross the peaceful countryside of Hoi An with their kids on a bicycle ride, before making a detour to visit the Old Quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is often lit up by paper lanterns at night. If you stay here for a few days, Cu Lao Cham on Hoi An beach is also an interesting destination for the whole family to have fun with the waves.

For cycling enthusiasts

Cycling in DaLat (Cycling in Vietnam)
DaLat, Vietnam

The undulating road separates the mountain town of Da Lat from the coastal city of Nha Trang, so it is included in the experience plan of all cycling enthusiasts.

This tour will bring you all of the most special things about Vietnam, starting with the magnificent views of the plateau, winding small villages with smiling locals, and stepping the pedal. Up a cliff road, ending at Nha Trang’s surfing “mecca”.

For nature lovers

SaPa, Vietnam

Experience Sapa, “Vietnam’s Paradise”, by cycling through valleys surrounded by mountains and magnificent terraces. Don’t forget to take some time to visit the ethnic minority villages and have lunch with the locals.

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