Day trip to the demilitarised zone Vietnam: A unique travel experience.

Demilitarised zone Vietnam tour, also known as old battlefield tourism. Some programs called re-visit old battlefields and teammates are attracting many tourists. Coming to this tour program is an opportunity to pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs who sacrificed for the country.

A map of the former DMZ (Demilitarised Zone Vietnam)
A map of the former DMZ. (Wikipedia)

In Vietnam, Quang Tri is the first locality to focus on exploiting the DMZ tourism model. DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone (also called demilitarized zone). In the world, DMZ tours often attract tourists, especially international tourists. Once an important base in the wars, Quang Tri now maintains a massive historical system; forming DMZ tours to become a tourism brand of the province.

Suggest a schedule a day trip to the demilitarised zone Vietnam

Morning: DMZ tour starts from Dong Ha city of Quang Tri province, the car takes you to the west of Quang Tri along the 9th road – the historic road that Americans used to be an important position during the Vietnam War.

Khe Sanh combat base (Demilitarised Zone Vietnam)
Khe Sanh combat base

Continue passing the Dakrong junction, you will reach Khe Sanh base. Here you will hear about 170 days and nights of fierce fighting between the Vietnamese people and the US army, marking the victory of the Vietnam Liberation Army in this fierce battle.

Ta Con airport (Demilitarised Zone Vietnam)
Ta Con airport

On the way, visitors can visit the ruins of Ta Con Airport – Khe Sanh. This is a key point of the DMZ tour, which is also an address that American Veterans want to visit. Ta Con Airport is the name for a cluster of strategic military bases of the US army in 1966-1968. Along with the relics of Ta Con airport, Lao Bao Prison – is also a relic attracting more and more tourists to visit in the DMZ tour.

And here you can visit also Lao Bao Trade Area famous for duty-free items imported from Laos and Thailand. Then have lunch at the Lao Bao area.

Afternoon: After returning to Dong Ha city on Ho Chi Minh road, visitors will go to Con Tien and continue along National Highway 1A going to the North to meet Doc Mieu, one of the important bases of the US. From Con Tien, following 8 km from Vo Xa – Ben Tat Street, visitors can visit Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery – the largest martyrs cemetery in the country with more than 10,333 tombs of soldiers who fell during the Warfighting against the US to save the country.

Hien Luong bridge on Ben Hai river (Demilitarised Zone Vietnam)
Hien Luong Bridge on Ben Hai river

From here along National Highway 1A to the North is the location of the 17th parallel, visitors will stop at Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River. This is the dividing line between the North and the South during the war. From the banks of the river, 5km on both sides of the North-South border is designated as a demilitarized zone – DMZ.

Leaving Hien Luong, continuing along National Highway 1A to Vinh Linh territory, coming to Vinh Thach commune, you will admire a historical miracle: Vinh Moc Tunnels – a place that attracts a lot of foreign tourists coming here, especially veterans who participated in the war in Vietnam. The tunnel system has a total length of nearly 2034m, height from 0.6 to 0.8m, the width of 0.9m divided into three floors with the deepest floor above 23m, as a unique work of Vietnamese people during the war.

In Quang Tri, besides the DMZ, this locality also has many different types of tourism for visitors to experience:

Cua Tung Beach

Cua Tung Beach: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with pristine beauty, clear water, fine white sand.

Con Co Island

Con Co Island: is home to a very diverse forest ecosystem and beautiful beaches, is considered a rich natural museum.

Quang Tri citadel

Quang Tri Citadel – a national historic monument of Vietnam. Although Quang Tri Citadel is not included in the DMZ tour, you should not miss this place. This historical site is the place where many wars against foreign invaders and Vietnamese people have fought. Most prominent among them was the 81-day battle in the summer of 1972.

Mui Treo Quang Tri

Mui Treo – a protruding mountain peak at 30m height, located about 40km from Dong Ha city and adjacent to Cua Tung beach. This place is quite suitable for picnics, weekend camping, and sightseeing.

Demilitarised zone Vietnam tour is really a very interesting cultural-historical tour that visitors should experience when traveling to Vietnam.

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