Phu Quoc Island

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Phu Quoc Island is a beautiful archipelago located deep in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. In the southern sea of the country, the Pearl Island – Phu Quoc – the largest island of Vietnam, is also the largest of the 22 islands here.

With its beautiful islands and beaches and rich cuisine, Phu Quoc island is one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

With abundant marine and island resources; Forest ecosystem, diverse sea, pearl island is a suitable destination for this summer, especially when traveling with family. Duong Dong town is located in the center. Most of the attractions and entertainment attractions are located in the south of the island.

Bathing in Sao beach, snorkeling at Hon Thom, visiting the safari zoo in the north of the island are experiences that should not be missed on pearl island.

Best time to travel to Phu Quoc Island

The best time to travel to Phu Quoc island is from October to March, this is the time when the island has the most beautiful weather. The peak tourist season on Phu Quoc island is from April to September, visitors can also come to this beautiful island at this time of year to enjoy beautiful beaches in the sunny summer.


  • Because Phu Quoc is an island, you should track the weather forecast before going to avoid the stormy days that affect your travel.
  • Except for the rainy seasons, the weather of Phu Quoc is beautiful all year round with an average temperature of about 28 degrees C.

How to get to Phu Quoc Island?

From Hanoi

From Hanoi, you can reach Phu Quoc Island by plane. Specifically, from Noi Bai International Airport, there will be a flight Hanoi – Phu Quoc departing from Hanoi at 8:40 pm and arriving at Phu Quoc International Airport at 10:45 am via Vietnam Airlines. And there will also be a return flight from Phu Quoc at 11:35 am to Hanoi at 13:40. There’re also other departures by other airlines like Vietjet Air, Jet Star…

From Da Nang

Jetstar and Vietnam Airlines are 2 airlines operating direct flights, with round-trip fares in the range of 2,300,000 – 3,400,000 VND.

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From Ho Chi Minh City

All 4 airlines mentioned above provide direct flights, fares from VND 900,000 – VND 1,700,000 round trip. Because the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc is only about 384 Km, you will have more options for your travel.

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By car

Route Ho Chi Minh City – Rach Gia – Phu Quoc Island

To go by car you will have to follow the following route: starting from Ho Chi Minh City then moving to Rach Gia City and from Rach Gia port, you will take high-speed boats to Phu Quoc Island. Travel time is about 7 hours. Some high-quality bus companies that follow the Ho Chi Minh City – Rach Gia route are Phuong Trang, Kumho, and Mai Linh:

  • Mai Linh Bus. Tel: 08 39292929
  • Phuong Trang Bus. Tel: 08 3833 3468


  • You should choose an overnight bus from Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc at 10 pm to get to Rach Gia in the early morning, then from Rach Gia taking the speed boat to Phu Quoc to save time.
    In Rach Gia city, there is a free shuttle bus transporting tourists to Rach Gia Port to Phu Quoc, so you should ask the bus company about this location and tell them to drop you off at the nearest location so you can catch a transit car.

To move to Phu Quoc Island from Rach Gia Port you will have the following options

Superdong high-speed boat

Address No. 14 Tu Do street; Vinh Thanh; Rach Gia.
Tel: 077 877742 – 077 877 741.

There will be 2 departures to Phu Quoc at 8 am 3 pm and vice versa travel time about 2.5 hours per day.

Departure time

  Departure time Arrival time  
Rach Gia – Phu Quoc 08h00 10h30 Superdong IV
13h30 15h30 Superdong III
Phu Quoc – Rach Gia 08h00 10h30 Superdong III
13h30 15h30 Superdong IV

Departure time (peak season, holidays)

  Departure time Arrival time  
Rach Gia – Phu Quoc 08h45 11h15 Superdong V
09h00 11h30 Superdong X
12h40 15h10 Superdong VIII
Phu Quoc – Rach Gia 08h45 11h15 Superdong VIII
09h00 11h30 Superdong V
12h40 15h10 Superdong X

Ticket price (Per person)

  • Adult: 330,000 VND
  • Children: 240,000 VND

Route Ho Chi Minh City – Ha Tien – Phu Quoc

Bus companies running from Ho Chi Minh City – Ha Tien include:

Phuong Trang bus:
ticket price 170,000 VND.
Departure time:
* Mien Dong bus station: 7:15, 8:45, 9:45, 18h, 18h45, 19h15.
* Hà Tiên Bus Station: 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 20h30, 21h45, 22h30.
* In Ho Chi Minh City:
– Call center: 0838.309.309
– Office 328A Le Hong Phong – District 10 – HCMC
– Branch: 260 Le Hong Phong – District 5- Ho Chi Minh City.
– Ticket box 22,23, 31 Mien Dong Bus Station – Ho Chi Minh City

Kumho bus:
ticket price of VND 190,000.

* Route Ha Tien – Ho Chi Minh City
– Departure time: 07h50, 11h00, 13h00, 20h20, 21h10, 22h30.
Booking phone: 077.3.959797 – 077.3.959696

* Route Ho Chi Minh City – Ha Tien
– Departure time: 09h30, 11h00, 15h30, 20h30, 21h30, 23h00.
Booking phone: 08.3.7527878 – 08.3.9225112 – 08.3.9225113

Tuan Nga bus:
ticket price: 165,000 VND / ticket

* In Ho Chi Minh City:
– Call center: 0946 79 00 55 – 0962 57 11 99
– Office: No. 7 Pham Huu Chi – Ward 12 – District 5 – Ho Chi Minh City. – Mien Dong Bus Station – Ho Chi Minh City.

* In Ha Tien: – Call center: 0773. 95 45 45 – 0969 19 11 77
– Office at Ha Tien Bus station

Speed boat Ha Tien – Phu Quoc:

High-speed boats Superdong I and Superdong II depart from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc at 8:00 and 13:00; from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien at 8:30 and 13:30 every day. Hong Tam high-speed boat also operates on this sea journey, starting from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc at 13:30 and from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien at 8:30 every day. Travel time at sea is 1 hour 20 minutes. Some boats for you to choose from: Departure time

  Departure time Arrival time  
Ha Tien – Phu Quoc 07h30 08h45 Superdong
07h4h 09h00 Ngoc Thanh
08h00 09h15 Superdong
13h15 14h30 Superdong
Phu Quoc – Ha Tien 08h00 09h15 Superdong
09h45 11h00 Superdong
10h30 11h45 Ngoc Thanh
13h00 14h15 Superdong

Ticket price (per person)

  • Superdong: adult 230,000 VND, children: 160,000 VND.
  • Ngoc Thanh: adult 215,000 VND, children: 150,000 VND.

From Can Tho City

From Can Tho International Airport, there will be a flight departing from this airport to Phu Quoc at 1 pm and arriving in Phu Quoc after 45 minutes, the opposite flight from Phu Quoc will depart from 11:35 am of Vietnam Airlines.

Moving around Phu Quoc Island

The most popular means of transportation are taxis and motorbikes. Usually, taxi companies and car rental services provide packages to explore the south and north islands in half a day or a day for 500,000 – 700,000 VND. The driver will take you to the most famous attractions.

In addition, you can rent a motorbike, for 100,000 – 150,000 VND a day, not including gas costs. Guests need a deposit of ID card or citizenship identification when renting. Before traveling, you should carefully check the brakes, turn signals, and lights.

There are buses here operating on most routes and attractions from the airport, to Duong Dong town, An Thoi port with fares from 10,000 to 40,000 VND. However, the tourist spots are far from the main road, so traveling by bus will be inconvenient.

In Phu Quoc, there are only 3 main roads with the following easily recognizable features:

Tran Hung Dao Street: The road has the most hotels and resorts in Phu Quoc, and most of them have very beautiful beaches. You can go from one beach to another easily, and the length of this free beach is over 10km long. Tran Hung Dao Street is also the way to visit famous galleries such as Phu Quoc Prison, Hang Yen …

30/4 Street – Phu Quoc Eating Path: There are many restaurants and eateries, and you can try the seafood at roadside stalls for a better price than at the night market. From this road, you can also go to places such as Ham Ninh fishing village, Tranh stream …

Hung Vuong street: from this road, you can go to the airport, the national park, the Vung Bau tourist resort …

Where to stay? Nice and good Homestay & Hotels in Phu Quoc

In Phu Quoc from the homestay to the high-end hotel, there are many options for you. If you go on holiday, you are recommended to book accommodation 2-3 weeks before to avoid room unavailability or high prices. Right in the city center, there are many homestay and hotels at very reasonable prices and you can book directly or through the travel company so you get better prices a lot more than you book directly with that hotel.

This is an experience when traveling to Phu Quoc Island that you should pay attention to. In addition, is a very reasonable choice we would like to advise you with information and photos, very detailed service, as well as reviews of the people who have booked here.

Places to visit in Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc pepper garden

Phu Quoc pepper garden This pepper garden is located about 15km north of Duong Dong town. Pepper in Phu Quoc is famous for having a more aromatic flavor and a stronger flavor than other pepper-growing places. When you come here, you can visit the beautiful pepper gardens and also buy some processed products here as gifts.

Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc prison is located in Cay Dua village, An Thoi commune. This relic is a tourist attraction, some scenes are restored to recreate history; Open from 7 – 17 pm daily and ticket free.

Ganh Dau Cape

Ganh Dau Cape in Phu Quoc Island Located about 15-20km north of Duong Dong town. This is a Cape jutting into the Northwest Sea of the island that attracts visitors by its most pristine and unique natural beauty. From here, you can see the border of Cambodia. Ganh Dau has a bow-shaped beach stretching 500m. This is also a great place to enjoy seafood for visitors.

Dinh Cau

Dinh Cau mountain, Phu Quoc island. Located right next to Duong Dong town about 5 minutes on foot, is a famous tourist destination in Phu Quoc, and is one of the beautiful sunset spots that you should not miss when coming to this land. This is the place where fishermen come to pray for peace, good weather, good fishing season. On January 15 every year, major festivals are held here, attracting many residents and visitors to attend.

Hon Thom Island

Hon Thom Island in Phu Quoc Hon Thom Island is located in the south of Phu Quoc, it takes about 30 minutes to travel to Hon Thom from Phu Quoc pier. Here you can participate in tourist activities such as diving to see corals, watching the aquaculture areas of fishermen, visiting the pearl farming area about 10 minutes by boat from Hon Thom, a very famous squid fishing village in Phu Quoc.

Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream in Phu Quoc Island Tranh Stream is located in the northeast of Phu Quoc. From Duong Dong town, follow Duong Dong – Ham Ninh route about 10 km to reach Tranh Stream. Tranh Stream is made up of many small streams, weaving through the canyon forest, with water flowing from June to September every year. There are beautiful natural landscapes with flowers, mountains, sea, and streams, which are interesting places for camping and picnics.

Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai Beach is located in the northwestern part of the island. You can go here by motorbike, or taxi with a travel time of about 45 minutes. Voted by the BBC as one of the 10 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. Bai Dai Beach has a 1500m long coastline with rows of tall green trees growing in straight lines.

Coi Nguon Museum

Coi Nguon Museum in Phu Quoc Island This is a private museum but preserves a lot of historical artifacts of Phu Quoc for visitors to learn and discover more about this island. Besides, there are areas displaying handicraft products from wood, pearl…

Bai Sao Beach

Bai Sao Beach in Phu Quoc Island About 30km from Duong Dong town, you can move here by taxi or motorbike. Sao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. This place owns a creamy white sand beach longer than 7 km, in the peak season, Sao Beach is crowded with tourists, so if you like to go to Sao beach, you should go early to rent a resting place.

Bai Khem Beach

Bai Khem Beach in Phu Quoc Island Located in the south of Phu Quoc, 25 km from Duong Dong and 5 km from An Thoi port. This beach is very pristine and very nice due to the fine white sand. This beach is suitable for travelers who like to explore.

Because there are very few tourist activities, this beach has a lot of rubbish and leaves. However, when you come here you should enjoy the seafood here because they are extremely delicious.

Bai Truong Beach

Bai Truong Beach Truong Beach is also a place not to be missed in Phu Quoc Island, just 7 minutes from the airport. From October to April every year, Truong Beach is the perfect choice because this is the most beautiful Truong Beach season with the calm, rippling sea. In particular, this is the most beautiful sunset spot on the island. Sunset Sanato Beach Club is located in Truong Beach, famous for being the most unique beach in Phu Quoc with impressive works of art and the venue for the largest beach music festival in Phu Quoc – Epizode, held annually on New Year.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh fishing village Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the East Coast, 20 km northeast of Duong Dong town. Ham Ninh’s fishing village’s life still remains untouched, the main job is still pearl diving and fishing. Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning to watch the sunrise or explore the nightlife in this fishing village to enjoy the beauty of this place. The seafood here is also very delicious, so you should not miss it.

Phu Quoc’s traditional fish sauce production establishment

Phu Quoc traditional fish sauce production establishment Coming here, you can learn methods to create a rich flavor for the fish sauce here. Address: Phung Hung fish sauce – Duong Dong – An Thoi, opposite Phu Quoc prison.

The An Thoi Island

An Thoi Island Includes 15 large and small islands located along the southwest. The sea is very clear and deep, some places nearly 30m deep. Tourists will find it suitable for tourism activities such as nature exploration, sightseeing, fishing, squid fishing, swimming, and scuba diving …

Visiting nearby small islands

Coming to Phu Quoc Island, one of the most attractive experiences is visiting islands such as Hon Thom, Mong Tay, Gam Ghì, and May Rut.

Hon Thom is the island most exploited for tourism, with beautiful beaches, activities such as diving, fishing, squid fishing, kayaking, water motorcycling. In particular, there is a water park with 20 thrilling games Aquatopia Water Park for visitors to have fun with their families.

If you love diving, you can go to ECO Beach on the island. There is a package of 950,000 VND per person, experience in 20 minutes with a closed hat. If you choose a gas tank as a diver, the service price is 650,000 VND per person. Some other services visitors can register are underwater video recording 600,000 VND, taking pictures 300,000 VND.

To reach the island, visitors depart to the cable car station. The station is designed and built in the ancient Roman style and is a favorite photo spot for many young tourists.

Then, you’ll be riding on the world’s longest three-wire cable car, totaling 7,899 meters in length. From the cabin, visitors can see the clear blue waters, peaceful islands with boats up and down.

In addition to booking in advance, you can buy tickets outside the entrance to the cable car station. The price of a cable car package, water park, and lunch buffet is 600,000 VND for adults and children over 1m4 tall. Guests from 1m to 1m4 in height buy tickets for 400,000 VND.

In addition, visitors can book a tour to visit 4 islands to visit Hon Thom and the remaining islands. In which, tour 4 islands belonging to An Thoi archipelago is the most favorite choice for tourists.

Guests will be picked up at your hotel in Duong Dong town to An Thoi port and can be visited by canoe. In addition to swimming and resting, visitors will experience diving and watching the corals at Gam Ghi.

Services include filming and underwater photography packages. In the afternoon, the tour takes visitors back to visit Bai Truong beach, before returning to the hotel. Tour with lunch costs about 1,000,000 VND per person.

However, 4-island tours often move a lot. Tourists who are seasick or in poor health can choose a 2 or 3 island tour with fewer activities.

What to eat on Phu Quoc Island

As island water, Phu Quoc Island is famous for fresh seafood dishes, notably crabs, nuggets, herring, abalone, and snails. One of the most famous seafood restaurants here is Ra Khoi restaurant, located on April 30th, Duong Dong town.

Here, visitors choose to buy seafood in the jacuzzi at the listed prices. After weighing, staff will process according to requirements. Some recommended dishes are grilled oyster with onion fat, crab and tamarind hot pot, grilled tiger shrimp, a fried snail with tamarind. The average price is from 400,000 – 600,000 VND per person.

In addition, visitors can enjoy seafood at Xin Chao, a restaurant with a sunset view. The address of the shop is 66 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong town. Fishing villages like Ham Ninh and Rach Vem are also recommended destinations to enjoy fresh and cheap seafood.

Visitors should also enjoy “Bun quay Kien Xay“, near Dinh Cau. This is a fresh noodle dish, served with squid, fish ball, and shrimp ball. The highlight in the dish is the bowl of “self-service” sauce from soup powder, sugar, pasta, kumquat (kumquat), ground chili. Each bowl costs about 35,000 VND.

Phu Quoc still has many delicious restaurants introduced by locals and tourists as Ho Ky goat restaurant, on April 30th street; Bo To 100 Tran Hung Dao restaurant, Nha Xua hot pot restaurant, 68 Ly Thuong Kiet, and Ken Ut Luom vermicelli on 30/4 street.

The experiences you should try when coming to Phu Quoc Island

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Explore Vinpearl Safari

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Vinpearl Safari is the largest open zoo model in Vietnam with an area of about 500 hectares, bringing together about 130 species with more than 2,200 individuals of rare animals. Vinpearl Safari is divided into two main subdivisions: an open zoo for visitors between open and harmonious animal raising areas in harmony with nature; the semi-wild area (safari park) carrying visitors by specialized vehicles.

Visiting Vinpearl Safari, visitors will experience many interesting activities such as panoramic view of the park with a modern tram system, enjoying fascinating animal performances, practical experience: feeding animals, take photos with rare animals…

Vinpearl Phu Quoc amusement park

Vinpearl Phu Quoc amusement park Built on a total area of up to 170,000m², Vinpearl Phu Quoc amusement park includes many interesting places such as a Water Park, Aquarium, Outdoor play area, Movie theater, Food street, and Fairy Castle … In addition, Vinpearl Land in Phu Quoc also has a dolphin performance area with a capacity of up to 1,152 seats and a water music stage with a capacity of up to 2,337 seats to meet the needs of International cultural events.

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Scuba diving to watch the coral

Scuba diving to watch the coral With a diverse marine ecosystem, Phu Quoc is an ideal place for travelers to explore the world of the ocean, especially the coral reefs that top the table in Vietnam in terms of abundance and diversity. The price for each scuba diving tour is from VND 350,000 – VND 500,000 per person.

Discover primeval forest

Discover primeval forest in Phu Quoc Island If you are a risk-taker, this is the option for you. You can book a tour to explore primeval forests, and ecological reserves to experience.

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing in Phu Quoc Island When night falls, it’s time to experience the exciting moments just relax with the fishermen with night squid fishing. It’s nothing like catching your own squid hunting in the sea or fish floating on the surface of the sea. The booty is squid or caught fish that will be cooked on the ship.

Phu Quoc Night market

Phu Quoc night market Discovering the night markets in Phu Quoc is located on Bach Dang Street, about 1 km from Dinh Cau, and is also one of the activities that tourists should not miss when coming to this beautiful island. At night markets you will easily find souvenirs for friends and relatives, in addition to the people here selling a variety of fresh seafood … . It operates from 17 to 23 on weekends, including many stalls selling fresh seafood, local specialties such as fish sauce, sim candy, pepper, and handicrafts.