Discover traditional cultural features in Hoi An lantern festival

Referring to Hoi An, we cannot help but mention the shimmering old town nights in the brilliant lantern festival, especially the Lunar New Year or the full moon every month. Hoi An lantern festival has become a feature of Hoi An every month and attracts many visitors every time they have the opportunity to travel to Hoi An.

Tourists coming to Hoi An on such occasions will feel like living in the urban space of a busy international trading port during the 17th and 18th centuries.

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What is the Hoi An Lantern Festival?

Hoi An Lantern Festival is an annual event held on the full moon day of each month and the Lunar New Year. On occasions like these, the electric lights in houses located in the old town are turned off and the lanterns are replaced.

Lantern streets in Hoi An (Hoi An Lantern Festival)

Especially on the occasion of Tet, the lantern festival will take place and has become a traditional culture of the people of Hoi An. The contest is held not only for the purpose of honoring the lantern making profession and encouraging the research and creativity of artisans and craftsmen.

When is the Hoi An Lantern Festival?

The program “Full night of the old town” was held for the first time in 1998 by Hoi An ancient town. With the context of the early years of the twentieth century.

During the past 15 years, on the 14th night of the lunar month every month. The ancient town of Hoi An becomes once again beautiful again in the magical light of lanterns.

YearLantern festival
2020December 28
2021January 26th
February 25th
March 26th
April 25th
May 25th
June 23rd
July 23rd
August 21st
September 20th
October 19th
November 18th
December 17th

Every year, the biggest Hoi An lantern festival is held on the occasion of Tet. From the days near the end of December until the end of the first lunar month. The festival attracts the attention and sightseeing of a large number of locals and tourists everywhere. This is considered a feature in the tourism culture of Hoi An.

How is the Lantern Festival Celebrated?

On the roads along the Hoai River such as Tran Phu, Le Loi, Bach Dang, Nguyen Thai Hoc… From 17:00 to 22:00, traffic vehicles are temporarily stopped.

All houses, restaurants, and cafes are turned off. The entire neighborhood is bathed in the light of the full moon and thousands of lanterns.

Hoi An lanterns

You are like entering a completely different world. The old town is bustling with music activities, chess competitions, folk games, dropping lanterns on the river, playing cards, … When other major holidays coincide on the full moon night. Cultural activities will be richer with costume dance, lion dance, …

In the performance area of the program “Full Moon Night”. The old flowery atmosphere and the cultural pleasures of the folk festivals are vividly recreated by the people of Hoi An.

At the bank of the Hoai River, visitors can buy paper flower lanterns and float them on the Hoai River. Turning an entire stretch of river into sparkling reflections fluttering in the middle of the night. With the hope that the lamps will bring luck to family and relatives.

Floating Lanterns on Hoai River

On Tet holiday, there is no place in Hoi An as shimmering and beautiful as Nguyen Phuc Chu street. The road is located along the romantic banks of Hoai River, many tourists stop to admire it.

This is where the famous Hoi An lantern festival is held. Lanterns and art pieces made from lanterns are decorated along the street, with different shapes.

The beauty of the old town seems to stand out more in the night with its mossy roofs. The magical winding roads under the moonlight and lanterns. Although there is no electricity, the modern streets in Hoi An are not claustrophobic. On the contrary, it gives tourists a feeling of peace to the heart when living in the old space.

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