Enjoy a unique salt coffee at Hue City

The coffee cup is a combination of sweet, bitter, and salty flavors; thanks to being mixed with fermented milk and refined salt.

To Hue, visitors can choose a garden cafe on Dang Thai Than street; order a cup of salted coffee, and immerse themselves in the quiet lifestyle of the ancient capital.

Drinks with condensed milk below, a layer of fermented milk with salt and topped with a traditional aluminum coffee filter.

After waiting for about 3 minutes, the color of the coffee cup gradually changes as the black coffee drops fall into the pure white salt cream. Diners just need to stir well and drop more ice cubes to enjoy.

salt coffee hue

At first, the drinker may feel unfamiliar. The strange taste is created from the sweetness of milk, the bitterness of coffee, and the salty taste of salt.

Salt has the role of neutralizing, enhancing the sweetness of milk, and moderating bitter coffee. The secret to a good cup of coffee is the right amount of salt; making the flavor of the drink more fatty and rich.

Each cup of coffee costs 15,000 VND. You can choose a popular style shop on Nguyen Luong Bang street.

Salt coffee appeared in Hue 10 years ago, when Huong and her husband wanted to open a coffee shop and started searching for ideas.

She happened to read a love story about a couple who chose a cafe for their first date. Due to too much stress, the boy ordered the server to add some salt to the coffee cup.

Later they got married, and every morning the wife brewed her husband a cup of coffee with a little salt.

salt coffee hue

When the husband died, he left a letter to his wife that wrote, that he never liked to drink salted coffee, but still drank it when she made it because he wanted his whole life to be with his wife.

Inspired by that story, Huong and her husband began experimenting with brewing and selling this strange coffee. At first, they also had difficulty when everyone thought this was a strange idea.

After that, she took in customer feedback and improved the recipe. Gradually, the shop becomes crowded, and many are curious to try and love.

“I feel lucky because this drink is chosen by many people when coming to Hue.

There are many offers to buy back the recipe, but I do not sell it because I want to keep it as a unique feature of Hue cuisine,” she said. Every day, her shop sells from 500 to 700 cups of coffee.

Currently, salted coffee has appeared in many places in Hue and Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. The price is from 27,000 – 35,000 VND per cup …

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