Explore the pristine yet charming Sa Phin valley in Ha Giang

There is a Dao village nestled at the top of the majestic Tay Con Linh, surrounded by fog all year round. The road is winding like a silk ribbon and the ruffles of the house on stilts with moss roof The friendliness and hospitality of the people mingle with the traditional culture and bold identity. All of them create the charming, wild, and passionate charm of the great land of Sa Phin, Phuong Tien (Vi Xuyen), Ha Giang.

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Following the winding road through the mountainside, we arrived at Sa Phin on the first day of the East. Passing through the village’s welcome gate, the small Dao village appeared simple and poetic.

Sa Phin Valley Ha Giang

This season, the rice has finished reaping, there is no longer the beautiful beauty of the rice season, But the terraced fields stretching to the horizon, alternating between the hills and streams, and the spacious space of the high mountains still create an enchanting beauty.

Sa Phin is a highland village of Phuong Tien commune, with a steep and precarious road. Located at an altitude of 2,427 m above sea level, Tay Con Linh peak is known as the roof of the Northeast. Sa Phin is located on the road to conquer the top of Tay Con Linh; so this place is very suitable for the type of ecotourism, adventure tourism.

If you are a lover of the adventurous roads of the high mountains, you should not miss this land. Passing through Sa Phin on the journey to conquer the rooftop of the Northeast, visitors will experience the unique culture of the indigenous Dao people; admire the hundreds of years old Shan Tuyet tea forests, rice fields. Marvelous steps from above, explore the primeval forest with rich and diversified vegetation and unnamed forest flowers that bring attractive beauty.

The Dao ethnic minority group in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang are busy harvesting their first Shan Tuyet tea crop of the year.
The Dao ethnic minority group in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang are busy harvesting their first Shan Tuyet tea crop of the year.

Sa Phin people are very attached to tea trees. In recent years, Shan Tuyet tea has become the “key” crop of the village, providing a decent income for families. Tea trees living on high mountains all year round “bathe”, “drink dew”; Produces fresh tea buds with the essence of heaven and earth, so the tea taste is very delicious. The village is oriented to focus on tourism, and tea development is also a typical agricultural commodity to serve tourists.

Sa Phin village has 53 households of the Dao ethnic groups. Currently, people still retain many unique traditional cultures. That is also the foundation for Phuong Tien to promote ecotourism development in association with building a cultural village on community tourism in Xa Phin village.

Coming to Ha Giang; if you are familiar with the rocky plateau and the legendary wonders of the northernmost region of Vietnam; you can once visit the pristine land of Sa Phin. Standing among the floating clouds; watching the tranquil scenery of the highland; experiencing the life and unique cultural features of the Dao village here, and indulging in the journey to overcome the sun, the wind conquers the summit of Tay Con Linh; Surely it will bring an unforgettable experience in the hearts of visitors.

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