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What experiences will you have when taking the Hanoi free walking tour?

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With the development of tourism as well as the desire to bring tourists an interesting experience, there are many free walking tours to visit some famous places in Hanoi

Join us in the footsteps of a group of 3 Irish tourists who have signed up for a free walking tour to visit some places in Hanoi’s Old Quarter such as Hang Bac street, Dong Xuan Market, … time 1.5 hours. These tours are created by the Hanoi Tourism Information Center to cater for free to tourists coming to Hanoi in need.

Gemma O Byrne, a happy tourist participating in the tour, said that because of the limited time in Hanoi, her group wanted to visit the old town, because she found the old town has many close and attractive features.

hanoi free walking tour
Visit the Temple of Literature.

Along the streets that tourists have selected after receiving the necessary advice when signing up for this tour, the guide, a 4th year student majoring in tourism, introduce visitors to the traditional cultural and historical values of the streets of Hanoi.

Next, they stopped at a shop on Hang Bac street (this is a street specializing in making and selling silver-made products), showing visitors the traditional handicrafts produced by the artisans themselves make up.

At a house with French architecture on Hang Ngang street, the tour guide also explained the reason for the appearance of French architecture in the old town of Hanoi, the interference between the old houses here. The group of visitors expressed interest when they fully understood the hidden values behind the ancient houses.

Enjoy the street food.

On the journey to discover Hanoi’s Old Quarter, one of the stops attracting many tourists is the house 48 Hang Ngang, where President Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independence, giving birth to Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

This attraction seems to be indispensable for most tourists when visiting Hanoi’s Old Quarter because it has great historical value for the Vietnamese people.

The whole second floor of the house, where Uncle Ho used to live and work is preserved intact with artifacts related to him. This is also the point that the tour guide introduced visitors very carefully with pride in an important historical mark of the Vietnamese nation.

hanoi free walking tour
This photo was taken on Long Bien Bridge for a family who participated in Hanoi free walking tour.

After the sights, the journey to explore the old town of Hanoi continues with many craft streets and places bearing the characteristics of the old town in the journey.

More information about free tours in Hanoi

Hanoi Tourist Information And Support Center located in 28 Hang Dau is a cooperative agency between the Hanoi Department of Tourism, Vietnamtourism Hanoi JSC to organize free walking tours to explore the old town and the area around Hoan Kiem lake.

Hanoi tourist information center

Guides for these free tours are students from Hanoi Open University. In operation from the beginning of October 2016, over the year, free walking tours have been enthusiastically welcomed by tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Although only operating from Wednesday to Sunday, but on average, every day from 2-3 registered groups to join the tour.

Also from October 2017, Vietravel Hanoi Tourism Company put into operation five free walking tours to visit Hanoi, operating on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every week for domestic and international tourist to the Hanoi.

Each of these tours lasts a maximum of 3 hours with 2 tours designed exclusively for foreign visitors and 3 tours for domestic tourists.

In addition, many organizations, groups and clubs also provide free walking tours for foreign visitors to visit Hanoi such as Hanoi Free Walking Tour, Hanoi Free Tour Guides, Backpacker Hostels No. 9 Ma May …

For many foreign tourists, the free walking tours to visit Hanoi are an interesting product that gives them the opportunity to experience the destination, so many tourists join this tour.

Amy O Dwyer, an Irish tourist who joined the free tour of the 28 Hang Dau Tourist Information Center, shared: When joining this tour, her group easily learns about Hanoi. Moreover, the tour guide is very enthusiastic and friendly, making her feel very comfortable.

For travel businesses, the creation of free walking tours enriches the capital’s tourism products, creating a good impression for domestic and foreign tourists. For organizations and volunteer groups, organizing this tour gives people more opportunities to exchange and enhance their language skills. And visitors will enjoy interesting tours with the friendly guides. Because of that, free tours in Hanoi have become increasingly attractive and welcomed by many people.

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