Nam Du Island – The Maldives Paradise of Vietnam

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Located about 250 km from Ho Chi Minh city by road, Nam Du Island is considered a destination that tourists must definitely visit during the holidays.

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Nam Du Island

Many people refer to Nam Du island as the Maldives Paradise of Vietnam. If you come once, you will surely never forget the beautiful memories of a sea paradise-like Nam Du island.

Nam Du archipelago has two communes An Son and Nam Du with 21 islands, large and small, of which 11 are inhabited. In addition to the populated islands such as Cu Tron, Ngang, and Mau islands, the rest are wild islands, with only a few dozen households living such as Hon Nom island, Dau island, Dung island …

The largest island in the archipelago is Hon Lon, An Son commune (also known as Cu Tron islet) with an area of ​​771ha, a population of nearly 5,000 people, there are many beautiful scenes such as Chet beach, Co beach, Ngu beach,…

Next is Nam Du commune with 10 unspoiled and captivating islands, of which the most prosperous is Ngang island with nearly 1,000 households, the economy here is mainly exploitation and aquaculture.

The movement of raising fish in cages is also developing strongly, especially the tourism development potential in Hon Mau with much untapped wild beauty.

If you have come to Nam Du island, do not miss at least 10 extremely lovely islands here such as Hon Lon Island, Ngang Islet, Mau Islet, Dau Islet … The first point when setting foot on the journey to discover Nam Du is that Hon Lon.

Coming to Hon Lon, most tourists will rent a motorbike to run around the exclusive road along the island. The stop that morning is Cay Men beach, the most beautiful beach in the Nam Du archipelago.

Walking on the fine white sand, struggling under clear blue water, all sorrows of life seem to be dissipated with the waves.

After struggling for a while, lying on the shore and lying on the sand, watching the coconut trees on the beach to see, life should be experienced when possible, because there is a long journey ahead, many beautiful things are waiting for you to discover.

In the afternoon, running along the road along the island, inhaling the salty taste of the sea through the breeze. Standing on the road to see far away, the boats anchored on the clear blue water of the sea, the creation is so wonderful.

One day wandering Hon Lon, do not forget to visit the lighthouse located at an altitude of 296m above sea level. From here, the Nam Du archipelago lies in your sight like a poetic and charming picture.

Want to experience more beautiful beaches, you move to Hon Mau Islet. Covering an area of ​​more than 200 hectares, Hon Mau is an island with great potential for developing resort tourism because it owns many beautiful beaches such as Chuong beach with stretched white sand, blue sea water.

Although Chuong beach is not long, if you come here once, you will surely be amazed to see a beautiful beach, comparable to the sea paradises in the world such as Maldives, Boracay …

Smooth sand at feet, water The sea is clear so you can see clearly each small fish swimming pool. Perhaps paradise is just as beautiful. Contrary to Chuong beach is Bac beach, also known as Da Den beach.

When you step to Bac beach, you definitely cannot ignore it. A rocky beach with many colors, diverse patterns, sparkling thousands, is waiting for the glances of visitors near and far. The creation is wonderful.

Want to explore the life of the islanders, you move to Ngang Island. It can be said that this is the richest and most populous island in Nam Du archipelago.

Most of the people here live by exploiting seafood and raising grouper, cobia in cages. If you want to learn about cage farming, do not hesitate to take a walk around the island.

The presence of tourists on the island does not disturb the lives of the people on the island. They consider tourists a part of their lives. Therefore, if you visit any family on the island, you will be warmly welcomed with a warm, familiar attitude like welcoming relatives back and forth.

Best time to travel to Nam Du Island

The best time to visit Nam Du Island is from December to March, at this time the sea is quite calm and clear; As a result, those who suffer from seasickness will also reduce the discomfort of traveling by train.

The waters of Kien Giang are not directly affected by the storm, but the rainfall caused by the storm accounts for a large proportion. The rainy season here usually starts from April to November every year.

How to get to Nam Du Island from Ho Chi Minh City

To go to Nam Du archipelago, you need to go to Rach Gia city – Kien Giang. The easiest means of transportation is a bus from the Western bus station, priced at about 150,000 – 170,000 VND per ticket. You should take the bus to leave at 23:00 to reach Rach Gia at 6 am the next morning.

To continue the journey to Nam Du, you go by speedboat, round trip ticket price is about 440,000 VND per person. If the sea level is 6 or higher, the ship will not operate.

Reference some speedboat from Rach Gia to Nam Du Island

Ngoc Thanh (Speedboat)

Ngoc Thanh 02 Speedboat (Rach Gia - Nam Du island route)
Ngoc Thanh 02 Speedboat

Address: Thanh Van, Rach Gia, Kien Giang, Vietnam
Schedule: Rach Gia – Nam Du
Departure time: Rach Gia at 8:15 and Nam Du at 12:15
Travel time: 2 hours

Ho Hai (ordinary boat)
Schedule: Rach Gia – Nam Du
Departure time: Rach Gia at 9 am and Nam Du at 10 am
Travel time: 5 hours
Phone: + 84v77 3863019
If you take the train departing at 8:15, around 11 am the boat will dock at Hon Lon in Nam Du archipelago.


Super Dong XI Speedboat (Rach Gia - Nam Du island route)
Super Dong XI Speedboat

Address: 10, 30/4 Street, Quarter 2, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Ward, Kien Giang Province.
Schedule: Rach Gia – Nam Du
Departure time at Rach Gia at 7:20 am and Nam Du at 10:15
Travel time: 2 hours
Phone: +84 919664660

Getting around


To explore the islands around Hon Lon and visit some beautiful places, you should rent a boat to move. On the island, there are a number of individuals chartering boats (if you cannot rent you can go straight to the pier, find any fishing boats of the people, agree on the price and places you want to go).


You can rent motorbikes at the motels for about 150,000 – 200,000 VND / day, and spoil your favorite places.

Where to stay on Nam Du Island?

There are two ways to spend the night in Nam Du island: rent a guesthouse or a homestay, priced from 150,000 – 200,000 VND / night.

Homestay in Nam Du island.

If you like the experience more, you can rent a yard and a tent to sleep overnight. The most suitable overnight beach is Hon Dau because there are coconut trees, and the sand is quite large, convenient for camping as well as playing; The rental price is about 30,000 VND per person. Meanwhile, the rent for a tent is 40,000 VND per person.

Destinations can not be missed when traveling Nam Du

Hon Lon

It is a beautiful bay with a compact area in the Gulf of Thailand. This is considered the most beautiful beach in the Nam Du archipelago. The green coconut trees are slanted, life expectancy is up to 70 – 80 years.

Hon Lon - Nam Du archipelago

Here, you can snorkel fish or watch colorful corals. Cay Men beach is empty, so you can freely play and bathe. Clear and cool seawater. In addition, you can also catch snails on the rocks along the beach.

Ngu beach

Bai Ngu is located in the west of Cu Tron. Legend has it that on the way through Siam, King Gia Long stopped here, so this area is called Ngu beach (the place used by the king).

Ngu Beach - Nam Du archipelago

In the dry season, this beach is still full of freshwater while other areas seriously lack fresh water. Here, still, a freshwater well is always full of water. The local people thought that the well was dug when the king arrived, so it was named King well.

Chet beach

Chet Beach - Nam Du archipelago

According to folklore passed down in the 16th century on the way to Phu Quoc to trade, between the Dutch train and the Chinese, there was an evil battle, a few days later, hundreds of Chinese corpses flocked to this yard, from That people called Bai Chet.

Nam Du Lighthouse

Nam Du Lighthouse

Nam Du lighthouse is located on top of Hon Lon (Cu Tron) in An Son commune. This is considered the highest lighthouse in Vietnam thanks to its location in the hill 300 meters above sea level.

Hon Dau

Like Hon Lon, the beach is still green and the coconut trees whisper on the shore. Hon Dau is relatively large compared to other islands, primary forest accounts for about 90% of the area.

Hon Dau - Nam Du archipelago

Near the shore, there are many developing coral reefs, not as beautiful as other deep waters but the seawater is clear and very clean. Some coconut trees lean towards the gentle sea, you can lie on it and take a nap in the cool breeze.

Hon Ngang

Hon Ngang has the quietest harbor in Nam Du, attracting thousands of boats and fish cages. From Hon Lon to Hon Ngang takes 30 minutes by boat; There are two departures at 7 am and 15 pm daily.

Hon Ngang - Nam Du archipelago

Hon Ngang is the center of Nam Du commune. Hon Ngang pier has thousands of boats, large and small, and nearly 60 cages of fish farming anchored in no order.

The port bank is a row of houses on stilts on bamboo piles and lined concrete, running 2km long. There is only a small road about 1.5m, without any means of transportation.

Hon Son (Hon Son Rai, Lai Son)

Located between Hon Tre and Nam Du archipelago, about 60km from the mainland, on the deep blue background of the ocean, Hon Son (Son Rai island) appears like a giant mountain.

Hon Son - Nam Du archipelago

Since 1983, this charming island has been named Lai Son, one of four island communes in Kien Hai district (Kien Giang) with an area of ​​11.5 square kilometers with more than 2,000 households living.

Coming to Hon Son, visitors can see all the poetic scenery, the harmonious combination between the sea and the island with the humanistic values ​​associated with the history and culture of the land where the water waves coincide.

On beautiful days, clear clouds, from a distance, Hon Son looks like a sparkling jewel with 7 undulating peaks on the waves. As you get closer, the green color on the island is more attractive because the island is covered with immense green coconut trees; the scenery is calm and romantic. Along the coast is a fishing village, bustling boats, extremely bustling atmosphere.

Ma Thien Lanh Hill

Ma Thien Lanh Hill - Nam Du archipelago

Most visitors to Hon Son like to explore Ma Thien Lanh hill, which still preserves many legends that every resident here knows. That is the story of fairies often descending on the ceiling of the mountain, called the courtyard.

Later, there were many forest trees and many pure caves, so many Taoists came to retreat. On the way to Ma Thien Lanh, there is still an exposed Buddha statue and many traces of the ancients recorded on the stone.

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