One perfect day: 24 hours in Hoi An (Vietnam)

Not only a famous tourist destination with many check-in corners, beautiful photo background, Hoi An also attracts young people by memorable experiences in peaceful and ancient land from morning tonight.

If you come to Hoi An (Quang Nam) one day, you should not miss the exciting activities below.

Morning in Hoi An

Hoi An is a place that should not take time to sleep lazy. Instead, you should get up at 5am, walk around the old town, catch the dawn on An Hoi bridge, go to the market early to feel the peaceful rhythm of the people here.

Cycling in moning - Hoi An

After that, you can enjoy dishes such as bread, sticky rice on the sidewalk … cycling around the old town to find places to take photos, visit cafes that appeal to young people by the sweeping angle of the old town.

The famous check-in points of Hoi An are Cau Pagoda, which appears in the 20,000 VND bill, an alley with a golden wall, taking a boat to admire the Thu Bon River, checking in at the gate of Ba Mu Pagoda, Assembly Hall of Cantonese.

What to do at noon?

Traveling to Hoi An, after a morning of sightseeing, check-in is tired, noon is a time for you to rest, relax and regain strength for the next activities.

Eat "Banh Mi" Phuong - Hoi An
Eat “Banh Mi” Phuong

At this time, the sun is high, the temperature is at the hottest, choosing a cool restaurant or bar to enjoy the cuisine is a reasonable suggestion for you. The famous specialties in Hoi An are “Cao Lau”, Quang noodles, chicken rice …

After having lunch, you can choose the coffee shop to rest until afternoon.

Activities in the afternoon

You can start your journey to explore Hoi An from 15h when the weather starts to cool down. This is the time to enjoy the famous snacking paradise of the old town such as Hoi An tea, sweet deserts, traditional cakes …

Hoi An Memories Show and Hoi An Impression Theme Park
Hoi An Memories Show and Hoi An Impression Theme Park

After 1 hour of walking, tasting many dishes, you can get in the car, move to other attractions such as the seven-acre coconut forest, Hoi An Impression Park …

Evening in Hoi An

Walking to the park until the evening, you should not miss the opportunity to see the unique art show of Hoi An.

Hoi An night market street
Hoi An night market street

After that, you can go to the old town center to enjoy the boat ride experience, drop the lanterns, admire Hoi An lantern town, go to the night market …

Suggest some tourist attractions in Hoi An you can visit in a day

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Located about 4 km from the center of Hoi An city (Quang Nam), Tra Que vegetable village is known as the supplier of the freshest and cleanest vegetables for the people of Hoi An. Here, in addition to admiring the green vegetable beds, visitors can transform into a real farmer.

Tra Que Vegetable Village, Hoi An, Vietnam

Villagers in the village will pass on to visitors how to make soil, grow beds, grow and care for vegetables. Meanwhile, for photographers and beauty lovers, the light in the village from dawn to dusk will be a feast for imagination and creativity. Many photographers say Tra Que is also famous for being the best place to take photos of the best sunset in Hoi An.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

If you prefer to turn the soulless clay blocks yourself into ceramic pots, teapots and rice bowls, visitors can come to Thanh Ha pottery village; about 4 km west of Hoi An city center. Contrary to Tra Que vegetable village, this village has been one of the destinations attracting young people to check-in in recent years when traveling to Hoi An.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Hoi An, Vietnam

The attraction of the village is the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park built on the model of the ceramic polishing table as the center. Started operations in 2015 but until mid-2017, visitors to Hoi An know more about this place.

Tam Thanh mural village

50 km from Hoi An, Tam Thanh mural village promises to be the ideal check-in point for young people. Painting murals here started in mid-2016, a project jointly implemented by Korea and Vietnam. The characters in the paintings are members of the village.

Tam Thanh mural village (Hoi An)

Most of the young people who come to the mural village feel excited and satisfied. There are hundreds of beautiful photography corners, gentle people, peaceful scenery, a cool atmosphere, and a special no-ticket fee. However, because the location is quite far from Hoi An; if you choose the mural village as your destination; you should consider removing one of the two places above.

Visit the Hoi An old town

Hoi An ancient town shimmering, brilliant and bustling at night. Lanterns are lit up along the streets and on both sides of the Hoai River.

If you travel to Hoi An on the 14th and 15th of the lunar calendar, you can participate in releasing garlands.

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