Pho Hanoi – Enjoy a traditional dish and typical of Hanoi

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From the 1930s in Hanoi, Pho has become a familiar dish in the life of Hanoi people. From the narrow old streets of Hanoi, it is not difficult to see the restaurant that sells Pho from early morning until late night; there is always the characteristic flavor of traditional Pho Hanoi.

Over the centuries, this dish is still preserved and handed down through generations of Hanoians. Until now Pho Hanoi has become a typical and very traditional dish not only for Hanoians in particular, Vietnamese people in general but also very attractive to foreign tourists.

Today, finding a Pho restaurant in Hanoi is really not difficult; you will easily meet at any street but to find the traditional Pho restaurant of Hanoi for tourists when traveling to Vietnam and wanting to enjoy Pho Hanoi is certainly not easy.

We will introduce you to some traditional Pho Hanoi restaurants which are not only familiar places of Hanoians but also places to stop for many foreign tourists when traveling to the beautiful ancient city.

Pho Bat Dan

49 Bat Dan, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Not only famous for the people of the capital, but also by tourists everywhere as a place to enjoy a traditional dish and typical of Hanoi. If you want to enjoy Pho here, you need to be patient and wait in line for a special turn in the early morning, noon or evening time because many people come here to enjoy this dish. A special feature of this noodle shop will be that you have to serve everything yourself, from taking pho, picking up snacks and finding your own seats. However, the restaurant is always crowded with customers because the taste of Pho here always satisfies everyone.

Pho Thin Lo Duc

13 Lo Duc, Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pho restaurant was founded in 1979 by the owner, Mr. Nguyen Trong Thin. Being one of the restaurants with the largest number of diners in Ha Thanh, Pho Thin creates it’s own unique when serving only one dish.

Pho Ga Cham (Cham chicken noodle)

64-68 Yen Ninh Street, Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Located in Yen Ninh street, Tram noodle has a mere area of about 20m2, always crowded with domestic and foreign guests. Pho Cham only opens for sale in the morning so if you want to enjoy this delicious Pho, you should go to eat early because this restaurant sells out quickly every day.

Pho Ly Quoc Su

10 Ly Quoc Su, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

This is a long-established Pho brand. Pho here is very delicious and has a lot of Pho flavor, there are many kinds of beef noodles for customers to choose.

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