Pleiku Airport (Gia Lai)

Do many people wonder where Pleiku Airport is located? If you choose to travel by plane to Gia Lai, how far do you have to travel to get to the middle of Pleiku city? Is this the most convenient way to move around…? If you are wondering about these issues, let’s explore the useful information with us.

General Information of Pleiku Airport

Pleiku airport is commonly known as Gia Lai airport, in fact, its full name is Pleiku airport, located at 17/3 street, Thong Nhat ward, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province.

Pleiku airport was built in the 1960s with the main military service purpose. After March 18, 1975, Pleiku was liberated, Pleiku airport became the Vietnamese Air Force base.

Pleiku Airport (Gia Lai)

After many upgrades and renovations, in 2001, Pleiku airport was invested in constructing items including the main works of the operator, civil aviation station, external car station, radio station. Huy … For a 2-story passenger terminal, serving more than 150 passengers during rush hours, the aircraft yard has 3 parking positions for Fokker, Bombardier, ATR72 and 2 seats for aircraft < 7 tons, the car parking lot can accommodate up to 130 cars of all kinds.

Address: Road 17/3, Thong Nhat Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province
Airport code: PXU
Phone: (0269) 3825096
Fax: (0269) 3825096
Website: https//

The infrastructure of Pleiku Airport

Passenger terminal – Pleiku airport after renovation and expansion has a total usable area of ​​3,174.53m2, including 2 floors, 2 aircraft doors, meeting 300 passengers / peak hour, capable of serving service 600,000 passengers / year.

The passenger terminal is fully equipped with a modern and advanced specialized aviation technical system with many facilities to serve passengers such as 10 check-in counters, 22 screens displaying flight information; magnetic gate systems, metal detectors, security screening scanners, luggage screening scanners; camera surveillance system; wifi equipment system; signboard system, emergency exit signs; fire alarm system, automatic fire protection, lightning protection system; Provide a full range of luggage trolleys and vehicles for the disabled …

Check-in counter in Pleiku Airport

Domestic routes: At Pleiku airport, there are currently 4 airlines operating routes from Pleiku to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Vinh, Da Nang … are Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Pacific Airlines, and Bamboo Airways.

International routes: Some popular routes are exploited such as Beijing – Pleiku, Singapore – Pleiku.

How to get to Gia Lai from Pleiku Airport?

From Gia Lai airport to the city center is not too far, there are many modes of transportation for you to choose from. Knowing the travel time and some operating services here makes it easier to schedule your trip as follows:

Shuttle bus

Right at the airport, you can easily move to the center or neighboring districts by shuttle bus. This service has a relatively cheap price, saves you a lot of costs with only about 100,000 VND / person; If you go in groups of more than 5 people, there will be a cheaper price. You can contact to buy tickets in advance to make it easier to schedule or buy tickets at the airport service counters.


Buses are also one of the most convenient, cost-effective ways to get around for passengers with little luggage. There are many bus routes that serve as:

Phu Son – Center of Pleiku City
BX Duc Long – Center of Pleiku City
Pleiku – Pleiku City
Pleiku – Kon Tum …
Bus terminal at Gia Lai airport has a frequency of about 30-60 minutes / trip


Pleiku Airport Taxi

To move quickly, suitable for passengers with a lot of luggage and to save time, the taxi is still a popular form for many people because of its convenience. There are many taxi companies serving at the airport with prices ranging from 70,000 to 150,000 VND / time depending on the distance.

Motorbike taxi

In addition to the above forms of transportation, there are also traditional motorbike taxi services that serve almost 24/24 to meet the needs of passengers. However, if you choose to travel by motorbike taxi, you should ask in advance the price and be able to bargain skillfully so as not to be overpriced.

Some tourist attractions near Pleiku Airport

Sea of ​​Tea Lake

Sea Lake of Tea (Pleiku - Gia Lai)

From Pleiku Airport, it is only about 10 km from Tea Lake. Tea Lake has an impressive beauty of clear blue water surrounded by green tea hills of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. Coming here, you will be conquered by the gentle beauty in a quiet but full of inspiration by the surrounding green color; this is also a very interesting place to check-in in in the middle of nature.

T’nung Lake

T’nung Lake Pleiku Gia Lai

From Pleiku airport to T’nưng Lake, it is only about 9 km away. This is the place where you can admire the beauty that many people often refer to as “Pleiku Eyes” because of the soft and poetic nature between the true wild mountains and forests. Enjoy the fresh air, gentle cool breeze, watching the flat surface of the lake, the green of the mountains in the distance brings the maximum relaxation feeling. This is truly a place not to be missed when coming to Gia Lai.

Ham Rong mountain peak

Ham Rong mountain peak (Pleiku - Gia Lai)

Ham Rong mountain peak is about 18 km from Pleiku airport. Although to reach the top of the mountain you have to conquer more than 1000m of climbing, but it does not take any effort to reach the top; you will be overwhelmed and extremely excited by the overly charming landscape and full of nature; reaching up as if reaching close to the floating clouds. If you come in the wildflower season, the beauty will be more impressed by the stretching brilliant yellow color; this is also the time to attract many visitors to visit, save the best photos.

Pleiku prison

Only about 6km from the airport, Pleiku prison is a historic landmark that many people come to visit. This place recreates fierce wartime images with brutal torture; is also a place to show the courageous and heroic fighting spirit of the Vietnamese nation’s deep patriotism.

Minh Thanh Pagoda

From Pleiku airport to Minh Thanh pagoda about 7 km. This is one of Pleiku’s famous sacred tourist destinations that many visitors visit to wish for good things.

Located in the city center, this is one of the great temples, with unique architecture intersecting Japanese and Chinese culture, long-established in 1964 by Venerable Thich Giac Dao. From there, it becomes a place of worship offering incense to the Buddhists.

Minh Thanh Pagoda (Gia Lai)

After many years of ups and downs, the pagoda was restored and newly built, putting on an extremely impressive appearance. That is why this place attracts people to find pilgrimages and rituals and come to admire the extremely special architectural beauty of Minh Thanh Pagoda.

Hopefully, through this article, we have shared with you more details about Gia Lai airport or more accurately Pleiku airport so that you can prepare and arrange the schedule in the most appropriate way.

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