Top 6 floating markets Vietnam you must definitely visit once

When coming to the Southwest region of Vietnam, you definitely should not miss visiting the top 6 floating markets Vietnam – this is a unique culture that only appears in the river. When traveling to the floating market, visitors can explore and feel the liberal lifestyle and bustling atmosphere of the people of the Southwest.

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Put simply, floating markets are markets where sellers and buyers must use boats or small boats as a means to travel and transport goods. Normally, the market will be held from 2-5 am. Here, you will easily find a lot of fresh fruits, breakfast dishes featuring many of the Southwest region, agricultural products, and many other items. For many, this is a great way to soak up the bustling life of the river.

Cai Be floating market – Tien Giang

Cai Be Floating Market (Tien Giang)

Cai Be floating market belongs to Cai Be district, Tien Giang. This is one of the most famous floating markets Vietnam, is a place to buy and sell goods, to be a transit station for fruits, and local products to go everywhere and also an attractive attraction of Tien Giang province.

Unlike the normal floating markets held only in the morning, Cai Be floating market starts trading from dawn until late at night. When dawn came, the floating market was as busy as a small street on the river. The hawker boats sell many local specialties such as pho, noodle, vermicelli, groceries … running around with boats looking very lively. Sitting on a floating boat, enjoying a bowl of noodles or fragrant coffee in the morning is an indescribable experience. In the evenings, the floating market is all lit up by lights from boats still operating on the river. Coming here, visitors will surely enjoy this floating market.

Nga Bay floating market – Hau Giang

Nga Bay Floating Market (Hau Giang)

Nga Bay floating market, also known by another name is Phung Hiep floating market was founded in 1915 located in Nga Bay town, Hau Giang province. This is a famous market of this province, which is the place where activities of trading, exchanging goods of people in the Mekong Delta region. In addition, Nga Bay floating market is also a place that attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here, visitors will see a market with many different colors of fruits, vegetables …

Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang

Nga Nam Floating Market (Soc Trang)

It is the name of a famous market in Nga Nam town, Soc Trang province, located at the intersection of five rivers: Ca Mau, Vinh Quoi, Long My, Thanh Tri, and Phung Hiep. This is the oldest and most bustling floating market in the Mekong Delta.

Unlike other floating markets, Nga Nam market starts at 3 am, until 5 am, the market is more crowded but until about 8 am, the market starts to close. It can be said that the Nga Nam floating market has most of the products of the Mekong Delta from the famous rice of the Southwest region to the vegetables and fruits of the South to the special types of shrimp, crab, fish. ..of the Mekong region.

The market is crowded with offers for sale of boat owners, mobile floating restaurants such as porridge, noodles, fish noodles, coffee … to serve the needs of visitors to enjoy.

Nga Nam floating market still has an idyllic countryside, still retaining the typical soul of the southwestern floating market with “Ba Ba” shirts or the sweet songs of the ancient South West region.

Cai Rang floating market – Can Tho

Cai Rang Floating Market (Can Tho) (Floating markets Vietnam)

Cai Rang is one of the most famous floating markets Vietnam and attracts a large number of tourists when they come to Can Tho. Only about 4 km from Ninh Kieu wharf, visitors take about 30 minutes for a boat journey from Ninh Kieu wharf.

The market starts from 5 am until 6 am boats from all places to the market make this place become crowded and bustling. A special feature of this market is the trade of famous fruits of the southern region such as Vinh Long grapefruit pomelo, Lai Vung persimmons or Cai Mon durian …

Like other floating markets, visitors can buy any product right here at a very affordable price. Here visitors will be mingled with nature, rivers, and water; Enjoy the feeling of floating in the early morning on the boats, watch the sunrise rising up on the river and feel the unique bustling scenery of the floating market on the river.

Long Xuyen floating market – An Giang

Long Xuyen Floating Market (An Giang) (Floating markets Vietnam)

Long Xuyen Floating Market is not as big as other markets but it is a tourist destination, so you should come to visit the floating market to find the simplicity, tranquility and pristine of the people here. The market is about 2 km from Long Xuyen city, located along one side of the red alluvial river. The main goods here are crops such as vegetables, fruits … and famous snacks of An Giang region such as fish noodles …

And more specifically, this is a market that you should not bargain when Shopping here because the people here are friendly, honest and unaffected by tourism commercialization, so this is a suitable place for travelers who want to explore the pristine, original nature in floating markets in the Southwest region

Tra On floating market – Vinh Long

Tra On Floating Market (Vinh Long) (Floating markets Vietnam)

Tra On floating market is the last floating market located on the Hau river of Tra On district, Vinh Long province. This is one of the oldest existing markets as well as associated with many cultural activities of the people in the area. A special feature of Tra On floating market is that it depends on the tide, the higher the water rises, the more crowded boats there.

Therefore, it will be very convenient for visitors to explore this market at any time of the day. Coming here, visitors should not miss enjoying the famous regional specialties and listening to folk music here.

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