Sunrise at Mui Doi (Khanh Hoa) – The Easternmost Point of Vietnam

After much controversy about the easternmost point on the mainland of Vietnam, which is Mui Dien in Phu Yen or Mui Doi in Khanh Hoa, recently, most of the official documents, including geography textbooks of high school students Both confirmed that Mui Doi belongs to Hon Gom peninsula, Dam Mon village, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province as the easternmost point on our mainland.

Mui Doi - Khanh Hoa The Easternmost Point of Vietnam

The journey here to welcome the dawn and see the first rays of sunlight appearing in the territory of Vietnam is quite arduous but full of excitement and attraction. You will have special experiences for a trip that does not need too long to conquer a pole on the country map.

You can reach to Mui Doi in two directions:

  1. From Tuy Hoa city, pass Ca Deo, Co Ma mountain, turn to Dam Mon, to Mui Doi;
  2. From Nha Trang city, pass Ninh Hoa, go to Van Gia, then continue to Dam Mon, to Mui Doi.

If you go down from Tuy Hoa City, the distance will be closer, saving you time to travel, and you will probably go to Mui Dien, then down to Double Cape.

The most important thing is the beautiful coastal road, especially the section to Dam Mon through long stretches of white sand, blue sea, the path through the wild sand desert.

The journey to conquer Mui Doi has two ways, using different means: One way to save time, with less effort but with more money is to rent a boat to Bai Rang, then from there, will ” take a jump ”at the end to Mui Doi; The way to experience more, save money and take more effort, is to walk (trekking).

The walk takes about 3 to 4 hours through the sand desert, shrub forest, coastal cliffs to reach Bai Rang, then continue to Mui Doi.

The road to the Easternmost Point of Vietnam
The road to the Easternmost Point of Vietnam

To see the first sunrise on the easternmost point, you must choose beautiful weather, sunny weather, calm sea season to have a pleasant trip. But when it is sunny, the trekking journey to Mui Doi is more difficult. In return, that journey will bring stunning, ecstatic landscapes, from trees, forests, sand dunes to the green sea in sight.

The road to the Easternmost Point of Vietnam (2)

Bai Rang beach is a stopover, overnight before continuing to move to Mui Doi to welcome and watch the sunrise. This is a narrow beach, with coral reefs, located at the foot of the mountain, quite windy, next to the rocks, so the boat can moor. There is also a shack for the guide to Mui Doi for your use. You can also choose to bring a tent, camping overnight on the sand in this area.

From Bai Rang Beach, it takes you about an hour or more, walking along the coast, on the jagged rocks to get to Mui Doi. Because of having to cross, jump over large and small rocks, people often call this the “rapids jump” section.

The road to the Easternmost Point of Vietnam (3)

Over the rather difficult journey, you will have to continue climbing to the stainless steel tip that marks the easternmost point on the mainland because that point is located on a large rock, nearly 10 meters high.

The journey is not only arduous but also dangerous, you should hire a guide, know the terrain, and help as much as possible on the way and when you get to Mui Doi.

The road to the Easternmost Point of Vietnam (4)

The moment of sitting on the rock, the top marks the easternmost point, watching the first light appear is really adventurous, there is something solemn, joyful and thrilling of the winner.

The conquest is successful and safe. The sunrise on the sea, watching the sun gradually appearing from the East pole, is always beautiful, something splendid and magnificent.

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