Explore the beauty of Thi Nai lagoon in Binh Dinh

Thi Nai lagoon is one of the largest saltwater swamps in Binh Dinh. Located in the northeast of Quy Nhon, with an area of over 5,000 hectares of water surface, running more than 10 kilometers long, nearly four kilometers wide.

This lagoon was once called Hai Hac Dam, but in folklore, it has long been called Thi Nai lagoon. That is the abbreviation of a place name Cham, the original Sanskrit is Cri Vinaya has been transcribed through the Chinese into Thi-li-bi-nai.

Thi Nai lagoon is formed by tributaries of Kon and Ha Thanh rivers converging here. Gradual accretion over the years makes the lagoon more and more full.

When the tide rises, the lagoon surface is immense. On windy days, the waves are like the sea. During low tide, the water recedes to leave the lagoon inert and swampy.

Such a landscape, so in the ancient books here is the name Bien Can lagoon.

Arriving at Thi Nai lagoon, visitors have the opportunity to float on a small boat, drifting with the waves, admire the vast scenery of the lagoon, and explore fishermen’s life with many interesting experiences.

In this population, there is Con Chim ecoregion – ‘green lungs of Quy Nhon’. Con Chim is nearly 1,000 hectares wide and is home to 25 species of mangroves and seagrass beds; fauna has 64 species of plankton, 76 species of fish, hundreds of bird species; of which 23 species belong to the group of water and migratory birds, 10 forest bird species.

Crossing the lagoon is Thi Nai Bridge – the longest cross-sea bridge in Vietnam. Thi Nai Bridge is nearly 7 km long, connecting Quy Nhon city with the Phuong Mai peninsula.

From here you can enjoy the full landscape of Thi Nai lagoon from many different angles. At any time of the day, the Thi Nai lagoon is also beautiful. fanciful like a fairyland.

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