The majestic mountain scenery on Ma Pi Leng Pass in Ha Giang

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Ma Pi Leng Pass is not the longest, but is the most dangerous pass in the northern mountainous region, and is considered as the “king” of the Vietnamese passes.

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Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang, Vietnam
Ma Pi Leng pass from above.

Ma Pi Leng Pass is a rugged pass about 20 km long, on top of a 1200m high mountain, located on the happy road connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van, and Meo Vac town.

The passes, the slopes are “specialties” of the rocky plateau of Ha Giang. Between the wild mountains and cat-ear rock formations, winding around the mountain is a winding road, taking you to the most remote places of the northernmost land of the country such as Sa Phin, Lung Cu, Dong Van.

The road named Happiness was done by tens of thousands of young volunteers from 16 ethnic groups in 8 northern provinces in 6 years (1959-1965) with over 2 million working days.

In particular, the section of the pass over Ma Pi Leng was hung by young people in the suicide squad on the cliffs encroaching every centimeter for 11 months.

Ma Pi Leng Pass is not the longest, but is the most dangerous pass in the northern mountainous region, and is considered as the “king” of the Vietnamese passes.

Dong Van old quarter

Ma Pi Leng road connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac, including the 9-ring pass 20 km long, becomes a miracle that many people liken to the Great Wall of Vietnam or the Great Pyramid of the Mong.

From Yen Minh town to Dong Van, the road going deep into Ha Giang started with a pass and a slope. The continuous curves cause the car to turn left and then turn right.

There are curved segments with a circle, and then open up to the eyes is a very majestic view of the mountain. Rock is everywhere, the mountain ranges of rocky sharp stabbed rocks in the mountain black, stone for the house, stone for the fence.

Ha Giang people live with cat-ear rocks. People buried each pile of soil stuffed between the rocks, then buried each grain of corn in the rock, watering the tree to grow.

Among cat-ear rocks is green corn, between corn and cat-ear rocks, are the footsteps of the industrious Mong people, carrying water day by day to take care of each sapling. Corn for winemaking, corn for making cakes, corn is the daily dish of the ethnic people in this place.

With rugged terrain and majestic landscape, Ma Pi Leng becomes one of the “four great passes” of Vietnam, along with Pha Din pass, O Quy Ho pass and Khau Pha pass.

Although it is a dangerous pass, this is also a favorite destination for those who love moving because of the extremely majestic natural scenery.

On the pass, visitors will enjoy the same mountain scenery of Ha Giang. Besides the majestic landscape, this place also contains many outstanding geological heritages.

Dubbed the legendary road, the beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass makes anyone who comes here in awe of its majestic beauty.

Kayaking on Nho Que river

Looking down from above, the Nho Que River flows smoothly all year round between the cliffs, forming a blue border between Ma Pi Leng Pass and Sam Pun Road.

With special terrain and always associated with dangers, but Ma Pi Leng is always a dream destination for many tourists.

The magnificent Ma Pi Leng Peak

From the top of the pass, you can see the panoramic view of Ha Giang mountains and forests, you can see all the majesty of this land. Tu San alley has been renovated into a scenic spot.

Continuous mountains, deep blue sky, deep blue river. Few cars passed through this place, so the scene was even quieter. Hmong boys and girls are buried heavily on their shoulders, sweaty, but innocent smiles are always shining.

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