Tips for travelling in rainy season in Vietnam

Recently updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 11:51 am

In the previous article, we have introduced information about rainy season in the regions of Vietnam. However, if your travel plans to Vietnam is exactly in the rainy season and you are worried that sudden rains will affect your trip. Don’t worry, Go Explore Vietnam will share with you some tips to turn the rainy season travel into an unforgettable experience.

Baggage preparation

The first important thing you need to prepare for your trip is rain waterproof backpack or backpack with rain cover when you need to be able to pull up all the backpack. You should also bring small waterproof bags or nylon bags to cover items such as phones, cameras, laptops, drugs/medicines … when necessary, to prevent moisture.

Umbrellas and raincoats are indispensable for you to cope with sudden rains or heavy rain while wandering around in tourist spots. You should also bring mosquito repellent and insect repellent in your luggage. Clothing should be lightweight, fast-drying, easy to wash. To keep the warmth at the same time to create a touch on the dress you can wrap a thin scarf or carry a waterproof jacket outside. Sandal, plastic shoes or shoes made from waterproof fabrics are the smart choice during rainy days. Shoe sole must be firm and have high adhesion to avoid slipping.


Traveling around the city is easy with the means of cyclo, taxi, or tram, so travel is not too difficult, just take an umbrella to avoid suddenly rains.

Quick drying tips

If the appliance you bring is wet, you can refer to the following quick drying tips. With wet shoes, you can put a small moisture-proof bag on your shoes for the night or the easiest way is to put the newspaper in your shoes, every 20 minutes. With wet clothes, wash your clothes and squeeze the towels of the hotel, put the clothes inside and then squeeze out, surely the clothes will very quickly dry. When drying, your items should be exposed near the ventilation or use dryer to make it faster.

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