Top 4 homestay Phu Quoc Island with isolated sea view

Homestay Phu Quoc is isolated with beautiful romantic sea view bungalows, creating a cool and comfortable feeling, making you like it at first sight. Note now the top 4 homestays in Phu Quoc to have the opportunity to “welcome the dawn, watch the sea” with your loved ones right away.

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Sunset Beach House

Sunset Beach House Phu Quoc

Sunset Beach House is a homestay in Phu Quoc with new sea view that has attracted many tourists recently. Homestay is built mainly from materials that are extremely close to nature, simple but extremely delicate. In particular, the room is designed with circular windows to welcome sunlight, with a romantic view of the sea.

Address: Sunset Beach House, Group 7, Quarter 9, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
Contact: +84 36 478 8559

Hon Dam Island Hideaway

Hon Dam Island Hideaway Phu Quoc

Hon Dam Island Hideaway is a beautiful homestay in Phu Quoc, giving you moments of relaxation. Homestay is designed as a bungalow on the floor with a direct view to the sea. The special feature of the bungalows here is that there are no doors; only a thin bamboo screen to separate the private space in the room from the outside.

Therefore, you can see the sea at any time, even with your back on the bed. Staying at a homestay, you will be in a place with no internet, no television, no air conditioning; experience a vacation in harmony with nature, escape from the busy noise in the city.

Address: Hon Dam, An Thoi archipelago, south of Phu Quoc
Contact: +8493 937 38 39

Lotus Home Phu Quoc

Lotus Home Phu Quoc

This summer enjoying a vacation at Lotus Home Phu Quoc is a great idea for you. There are 2 zones: a small house with a seafront and a bungalow built in the middle of the sea, made of wood; creating a cool, comfortable feeling, making you like it at first sight. Just go to Lotus Home Phu Quoc, you will see the sea with your loved ones and enjoy the peaceful space here.

Address: Lotus Home, Group 5, Hamlet, Cay Sao, Kien Giang Province
Contact: +84 98 369 72 38

Phu Quoc EcoLodge

Phu Quoc EcoLodge

Phu Quoc Ecolodge consists of 10 bungalows that are mainly made of wood, decorated simply, gently but equally luxurious. The homestay is built with glass doors, filled with light, creating a comfortable and relaxing green space every time you wake up.

In particular, homestay is also a water shop with space close to nature and friendly with the environment; connecting the sea and homestay is a horizontal river, with boats transporting to be extremely romantic. It is not difficult to find a peaceful place, sip a cup of coffee and drop yourself into space where the river bank is quiet, the wind is blowing here.

Address: Cua Can, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
Contact: +84 79 995 9995

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