Top 9 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Vietnam At Least Once

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There are many reasons why you should visit Vietnam at least once, and the following are the most typical reasons.

Vietnam is a small country but there are many beautiful places, low prices of goods and services, beautiful natural scenery, unique culture, attractive adventure travel, friendly people …

Those are the answers to the question why should I come to Vietnam at least once?

Reasonable costs that you need to pay for a trip

Unlike other developed countries, Vietnam is the place with the most affordable prices for tourists. This is also the most attractive thing, especially for backpackers.

Not only that, when traveling in Vietnam, you also have many ways to save costs such as buying air tickets from low-cost airlines, using public transport such as buses, motorbikes, and trains …

Vietnam, in addition, to having relatively cheap hotel prices, is also known to foreign tourists as a destination that can easily enjoy extremely diverse cuisine, including dishes that are always at the world top with extremely reasonable prices.

Unique culture

Lim Festival in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam
Lim Festival

Vietnam has an extremely rich system of tangible and intangible heritage and a unique culture that is recognized by the world.

Currently, Vietnam’s tourism industry has implemented many unique cultural tours such as Cultural and event tourism, bringing visitors to experience and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of festivals.

Cultural tourism to traditional trade villages; Culinary culture tourism; Rural cultural tourism, giving guests the opportunity to experience life in rural areas of Vietnam

Adventure travel and attractive outdoor tourism activities

Snorkeling on the coral reef, Con Dao island, Vietnam
Snorkeling on the coral reef, Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Adventure tourism is one of the types of tourism that is attracting the attention of many tourists. With three-quarters of the terrain hilly, intermittent river systems, many beautiful caves, more than 3,000 km of coastline, many tropical primeval forests as well as nature reserves, and vast national parks, Vietnam has great potential for adventure tourism.

The most suitable types of adventure tourism can be mentioned: trekking, climbing, diving, windsurfing, skydiving, racing cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and sailing, …

With natural landscapes majestic, beautiful, pristine, mountainous areas in the North and Central Highlands are great places for adventure tours in Vietnam.

Friendly people

Tra Que Vegetable Village, Hoi An, Vietnam

When coming to Vietnam you will be surprised by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the local people. In particular, you will always see them laughing with anyone anywhere and under any circumstance.

Beautiful and picturesque natural landscapes

Sang Nhun “horseshoe” Hill
Sang Nhun “horseshoe” Hill – Mu Cang Chai

Vietnam possesses many beautiful landscapes of nature, constantly named in the landscapes honored by the world.

There are many places in Vietnam that have been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites such as Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Ancient Ruins of Hue, Ancient Cities of Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary, Trang An landscapes, and other intangible cultural heritages.

These heritage sites are not only a testimony to a beautiful and diverse country in Vietnam but also a destination that attracts many domestic and international tourists to visit each year.

Shopping paradise

Hoi An market
Hoi An market

Shopping is an indispensable thing for most travelers when traveling to a certain place, maybe it is a souvenir of your destination or for your relatives and friends.

And Vietnam is also one of the places where you can freely choose many beautiful items at reasonable prices that suit your budget.


  • For each location in Vietnam, there is a market; this is a traditional business model in Vietnam. Here you will find selling a lot of items from souvenirs, gifts, and clothing … at reasonable prices so take the time to explore these markets, you will definitely be surprised.

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Delicious fresh tropical fruits

Floating market in Vietnam
Floating market in Vietnam

You will find familiar fruits such as watermelon, mango, banana, and grapes … all are fresh and can be purchased cheaply from anywhere from the hawkers, local markets, or supermarkets.

In addition, Vietnam also has eco-tour programs to visit large fruit gardens. When you come here you will be comfortable enjoying a lot of different fruits picked from the tree right in the garden.

Enjoy delicious street food

Hang Buom Food Street
Hang Buom Food Street

Vietnam street food is very simple but very delicious, you can see it anywhere on the streets of Vietnam.

The dishes that have been introduced on famous information channels such as CNN, and Discovery … such as Pho, Bun Cha, and Banh Mi …

This is also one of the most attractive things for tourists when visiting Vietnam.

Learn about the history of the country

Vietnam Military History Museum
Vietnam Military History Museum

For travelers who have a passion for history and want to discover more about the history of other countries, Vietnam will also be one of the extremely great options.

Vietnam has many historical tourist destinations throughout the country from the North to the South.

When coming to these locations, tourists not only witness the remains of ancient artifacts but also hear the stories related to them. That will surely make you satisfied with what has just been discovered.

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