Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Phu Quoc Island

Preparing to be the first pilot site to welcome international tourists to Vietnam this year, Phu Quoc has a lot to explore.

Phu Quoc is a famous resort island located on the southern coast of Vietnam, very close to Cambodia. This place is considered a peaceful island paradise; Not as busy as Bali (Indonesia).

Especially recently, Phu Quoc has proposed to pilot international visitors with vaccination certificates from October.

Foreign tourists coming here can experience Phu Quoc comfortably but are not allowed to go to the mainland, and most guests will arrive via charter flights.

If visitors come to Phu Quoc for about 7-10 days, The Travel suggests the following things to note:

There is an international airport on the island that can welcome guests on direct flights from Europe, so it is convenient for guests to move and enter.

At the airport, there are sim cards, phone cards for guests to use phone services, internet, and foreign currency exchange.

Traveling on the island, guests can call a taxi or rent a motorbike to explore on their own for about 200,000 VND/day.

The main attractions on Phu Quoc include beaches, night markets, prison ruins, cable cars across the sea, and Buddhist temples.

In addition, guests can exercise with many sea sports such as diving, swimming, kayaking, SUP…

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Sao Beach

Located in the south of the island is Sao beach; A place everyone who comes to Phu Quoc should go once to admire the peaceful and quiet beauty of the famous blue sea and white sand.

Bai Sao Beach in Phu Quoc Island

Visitors should spend a day here enjoying the clear blue water, watching the colorful starfish swimming near the shore, and sipping a cool coconut.

Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery

Also known as Ho Quoc Pagoda, Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery is also the largest temple in Phu Quoc located about 1 km from Sao beach.

Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery

The pagoda has the combined architecture of the Ly and Tran dynasties; Every line and detail on the statues and buildings is exquisitely carved.

The entire pagoda is made of ironwood and primitive stone. In addition, visitors to the temple will be able to stand from above and see the blue sea in pure space.

Phu Quoc Prison Historical Site

This is a prison area built by the French colonialists in the 1950s and then used by the US military during the war with Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Prison

This place is known as “hell on earth” because of the evidence of war crimes. However, the monument is also a highly educational attraction for many tourists.

Duong Dong Market

The market is open all day but is busiest at night, so there is an area in the market that operates later. Here guests can find countless shops selling food made from exotic seafood.

Duong Dong Market (Phu Quoc Island)

Just walking along the central streets, you can see the market with a series of sidewalk shops selling food, drinks, souvenirs, and seafood restaurants.

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