Top 4 reasons to travel by train in Vietnam

Simple procedures, easy sightseeing, cheap fares … are the advantages when travel by train in Vietnam.

Traveling by train is the choice of many people who like to experience, prefer slow-moving. Rough guides once voted Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City train as one of the most beautiful railway journeys in Asia, especially the Hue – Da Nang route through Lang Co Bay.

In addition to the limitation in travel time, traveling by train has certain advantages.

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Simple procedures

If you are tired of waiting for check-in when traveling on the plane or traveling by bus, the train is the right choice for you. Travel by train in Vietnam, you only need to arrive 15-20 minutes early and comfortably wait until the train runs, without having to check baggage.

Accordingly, you only need to book tickets on the website or the agent to receive e-tickets via email. You can also buy tickets directly at the station, through the ticket gates, the tickets will be printed immediately.

Simple procedures when travel by train in Vietnam.
To get on the train, you just need to show your ticket or QR code and ID card and find the correct train car on the ticket.

Besides, you won’t need to worry about overweight baggage as when traveling on the plane. However, passengers should bring light luggage to avoid forgetting items and to facilitate transport after leaving the train.

Easy to see through the window

On the same journey, although the train will have to travel longer distances than the plane, in return, passengers can freely admire the changing scenery from one region to another.

You can take in the view through the large windows.

In the travel journey by train along the North-South railway, passengers will have many surprises with the magnificent and poetic nature of the country right next to the window frame.

At the same time, passengers conveniently travel on the train cars to admire the scenery, take pictures through the train’s window.

Comfortable use of smart devices

One plus point when taking the train is that you can comfortably use your phone, laptop, use 3G, Wi-Fi … For young people, taking photos while traveling is something not to be missed.

Enjoy the comfort you won’t find in air travel.

If traveling by train, you can freely use your phone and camera without being as influential as when traveling on a plane.

Cost savings

Many people spend a month or even a year to “hunt” for cheap flight tickets, but if you choose a train, you may not spend so much effort. Cheap train fares are quite cheaper than other means, quite a stable price.

These are some of the main reasons that young tourists choose to travel by train in Vietnam

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