Unique traditional ethnic costumes in Northwest Vietnam

Northwest of Vietnam is not only beautiful by the wildness of nature, the flower seasons, local specialties but also attracts visitors by the exquisite costumes. Join us to learn some traditional costumes of the ethnic groups living in Northwest Vietnam.

Thai ethnic group

traditional costumes of thai ethnic group

Thai ethnic group has over 1 million people, living mainly in the provinces of Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh, Yen Bai, etc. Local groups have black Thai and white Thai, why are they called? This is because, in the past, the black Thai only meant the group of which women who liked to wear black and the white Thai only indicated the group which of women who liked to wear white.

Thai clothes are silk skirt, silk dress, mainly indigo fabric, unique brocade patterns. In the costumes of the Thai people, there is always an attached scarf called the Pieu scarf.

Dzao ethnic group

traditional costumes of dzao ethnic group

The Dzao live in many mountainous provinces of Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Tuyen Quang … Dzao costumes are very diverse, depending on the region of residence … Red Dao women wear red scarves and wear long shirts, indigo pants, with red decorative motifs…

Mong ethnic group

traditional costumes of mong ethnic group

The Mong ethnic group lives on the high mountain slopes of the Northwest and also has many branches such as white Mong, flower Mong, red Mong, blue Mong … living in mountainous provinces concentrated mainly in the provinces of East and Northwest Vietnam. such as Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Son La ….

Traditional costumes are very gaudy and colorful, usually made of linen with striking colors and diverse, gaudy patterns. Costumes of flower Mong and white Mong, the patterns are mainly concentrated on the back of the shirt, which are the brocade motifs in rectangular, rhombus shape, etc.

As for the costumes of black Mong and red Mong, the patterns are centered on the sleeve area and in front of the chest. Their skirts are pleated skirts, usually white, with a long waist belt with prominent colors like blue, pink, …

Pictures of costumes of some other ethnic groups

traditional costumes of lu ethnic group
Lu ethnic group

Over many generations living in the mountains of the Lai Chau forest, the Lu people still preserve their own cultural features, including traditional women’s costumes with accented skirts embroidered with many unique motifs.

traditional costumes of ha nhi ethnic group
Ha Nhi ethnic group

Costumes of Ha Nhi ethnic people show the harmony between people and nature. The highlight of the costume is a hat made of many motifs, in which the belt should not be missing on the head, because it symbolizes intelligence and has reached adulthood.

traditional costumes of cao lan ethnic group
Cao Lan ethnic group

Cao Lan woman’s outfit is simple, not brilliant. The shirt is a unique combination of many pieces of black and reddish-brown. Wide garment skirt, convenient for moving and working for women Cao Lan.


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