Best traditional Vietnamese gifts for your family and friends

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When traveling to a new country, most people want to get the typical gift of the destination as a souvenir or gift for friends. Let us introduce you meaningful Vietnamese traditional gifts that are loved by foreign tourists, I hope the article will help you choose the most suitable traditional Vietnamese gifts.

Ao dai

The Vietnamese Ao Dai is world-famous for its unique design, which enhances the existing beauty of women, making them even more attractive.(Traditional Vietnamese Gifts)

The Vietnamese Ao Dai is world-famous for its unique design, which enhances the existing beauty of women, making them even more attractive.

And especially, Ao Dai has become a national costume of Vietnam and is one of Vietnam’s very specific souvenirs. Many foreign tourists coming to Vietnam seem to like the Ao Dai and some have ordered some to take home.

Nowadays, there are modernized Ao Dai designs with 2 shorter ties and a change in the collar, retaining the traditional but more modern beauty.

The innovation of the Ao Dai makes it easier for women in moving and can wear it on many different occasions.

Palm-leaf conical hat

Palm-leaf conical hat (Best traditional Vietnamese)

The conical hat is known by tourists as a symbol of Vietnam – a country with a wet rice civilization. The conical hat appeared in Vietnam in the middle of the 13th century and has been associated with Vietnamese people, especially farmers, from the past to the present.

In addition to the use of sun and rain cover, conical hats are also a charm for Vietnamese girls when combined with traditional costumes such as ao dai, and ao ba …

It becomes a symbol of Vietnamese women’s beauty. You can buy these conical hats wherever you go in Vietnam.

Wooden clogs

wooden clogs vietnam (Best traditional Vietnamese)

Wooden clogs have become a familiar image, associated with the daily life of Vietnamese people since ancient times.

Like traditional Ao Dai and conical hats, these small clogs are simple but simple enough to imprint the mark of national culture.

Small but extremely delicate clogs exude a rustic and simple beauty like Vietnamese people. When combined with ao dai, conical hats, and wooden clogs, the image of a Vietnamese girl is extremely charming.

Therefore, wooden clogs are a lot of foreigners looking to buy as gifts, and this is also considered one of the souvenirs most loved by foreigners when coming to Vietnam.


Vietnam Silks (Best traditional Vietnamese)

Silk is one of the most favorite items in fabrics because of the softness of the material and is one of the best traditional Vietnamese gifts.

Silk garments and fashion are also one of the souvenirs in Vietnam that have made their mark in the hearts of international visitors.

Products made from silk have many unique designs, and traditional and folk motifs to serve tourists, ranging from clothes to other products such as towels, and bags …

Guests can order silk clothes at the tailor shops and receive their goods in just 1 day. Vietnam has many famous silk villages such as Van Phuc silk village in Hanoi, Nha Xa silk village in Ha Nam, Duy Xuyen silk village in Quang Nam …

Traditional ceramics

Traditional ceramics (Best traditional Vietnamese)

Ceramics are traditional crafts of many countries around the world and in each place, ceramic souvenirs have their own characteristics, showing the cultural beauty and uniqueness of that land.

Vietnamese ceramics are also a unique souvenir for visitors. Vietnam has many famous ceramic brands such as Bat Trang, Chu Dau, Tho Ha, Bien Hoa, and Bau Chuc, …

Each trade village has its own unique features in its products.

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Souvenirs from brocade fabric

Souvenirs from brocade fabric

Brocade Vietnam is an image that impresses many international visitors when coming to Vietnam. Where, in any store in the tourist area, one can see the stalls selling all sorts of brocade items from bags, towels, clothes, hats, and skirts to key chains.

Brocade motifs are very eye-catching and colorful with many geometric blocks creating symmetry and loops in the work.

Hand-embroidered, containing both the soul and love of the country, the image of plants and trees, and the scenery of Vietnamese people makes many tourists love and buy as gifts.

As a result, brocade weaving products are not only popular with people in the mountainous areas, but have also become a “popular” item in most tourist areas of Vietnam.

Souvenirs from bamboo and rattan

Souvenirs from bamboo and rattan

There are many bamboo and rattan souvenirs in Vietnam that attract the attention of international visitors: bookmarks (bookmark pages), decorative lights, cosmetic containers, trays…

Lacquer products

Lacquer products

Lacquer products with skillful craftsmanship drawn on pure Vietnamese themes are always a souvenir to buy when visiting Vietnam.

Water puppets

Water puppets

Water puppetry is a famous folk art discipline of Vietnam and this is one of the favorite experiences of tourists traveling to Vietnam.

In addition, the souvenir products derived from this art form are meaningful gifts, bearing the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people.

Water puppet products are often made by hand in accordance with tradition with beautiful lacquer paint.

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Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An lanterns

Traditional lanterns are the most famous souvenir of Hoi An. Lanterns have become one of the symbols of Hoi An.

Visitors can come across colorful lanterns with different designs along each street. Coming to Hoi An, tourists often like to buy unique and lovely lanterns as gifts for friends and relatives.

Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery is an art form that has existed for a long time. Over time, the artists have perfected themselves with the best skills to create the most elaborate and meticulous artwork.

Hand-embroidered pictures with hundreds of thousands of multicolored stitches stitched meticulously on a silk cloth and stretched on a frame made of precious wood are of great value.

However, the time it takes to complete a hand embroidery picture is at least a few days depending on the difficulty of the painting you request.

Therefore, if you intend to order a picture as a gift, you need to calculate the time to be reasonable or buy the available pictures to suit your schedule.

Sand picture

Sand picture

Sand painting is an art made from sand, born in Vietnam in 1997. Sand painting is considered one of the national items and is the pride of the Vietnamese nation.

This is also one of the souvenirs that many international visitors love to buy when coming to Vietnam.

To make an art picture of sand, artisans must use transparent, no-patterned glass jars, pour the sand into the jar in layers, and use scoops of sand according to the pattern of the pictures they want to create.

Sand paintings are valuable in that it is a very elaborate and meticulous process of making.

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