Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh)

In the North, Van Don International Airport is one of the biggest airports to welcome tourists from all over the world. With the mission of being a new reserve airport for Noi Bai Airport, Van Don is one of the landing points for many tourists to the North of Vietnam. Besides, this airport is also one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the North.

Van Don International Airport
Van Don International Airport

Van Don International Airport has an international code VDO. Located in Van Don district, the only airport in Quang Ninh province is located nearly 20km from Cam Pha city, about 60km from Ha Long city, and 90km from Mong Cai city.

The original plan, Van Don airport was built to reduce passenger traffic during the peak times to Noi Bai and serve the Van Don Special Zone. Up to now, this airport has become a familiar landing point for more than 10 million domestic and foreign tourists coming to Quang Ninh every year.

Infrastructure of Van Don International Airport

Overall, Van Don International Airport is designed based on the inspiration of the crimson sails on Halong Bay. Specifically, the dome of the station is shaped like the sails stacked. Not only that, in the station area, large screens are also arranged, depicting sails with both traditional beauty and tourism and nature in Ha Long.

In addition, the airport also has many other advanced technical items such as equipped with runway beacons and aprons that meet the CAT II standards of Belgium, aircraft can take off and land at both ends ice or the most advanced liquid explosives detection technology in Asia….

With the airport standard level 4E (according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO), Van Don Airport can accommodate all the current civil aircraft in the world.

Located on the coast of Quang Ninh, Van Don International Airport has an area of 325 hectares and contains a single runway:

Runway 03/21: 3,600 m × 45 m (11.81 ft × 147.64 ft) with a 300 m × 300 m (984.3 ft × 984.3 ft) safe area of the runway.

The 03/21 runway is certified for Cat II Landing Equipment operations. The airport has seven aircraft parking spaces and an air traffic control tower 42 meters (138 ft) high.

Move from Van Don International Airport to the center of Ha Long city

There are many ways for tourists to go from Van Don airport to Ha Long city center, such as bus, taxi, airline shuttle or rent a service car …


Bus No. 14A and 14B have a route from Van Don airport to Ha Long city
Bus No. 14A and 14B have a route from Van Don airport to Ha Long city

First, you can choose a bus to go to the center of Ha Long city if you want to save maximum costs. At the gate of Lan Be Flower Park, in front of Van Don Airport Terminal, visitors can take bus 14A to enter Ha Long. In addition, in front of the airport gate, right at Sun World Complex HaLong, you can take bus route 14B and also go to the city center.


Taxis are always the most popular and convenient means of transport because they are easy to catch, move quickly, and can carry a lot of luggage. However, the journey from Van Don airport to Ha Long city center is quite far, so it costs more than the bus ride. Specifically, you will spend about 700,000 – 1,200,000 VND for the move between the airport and Ha Long.

Other means of transportation

In addition to taxis and buses, visitors can rent their own car for convenience in Quang Ninh province or take the shuttle bus from the airlines to Ha Long city or other destinations. Because at present, with the complicated situation of covid-19, most of the bus routes in Ha Long city have stopped operating.

Utilities at this Van Don International airport

Van Don Airport meets international airport standards, so there are many modern and fully equipped services. Specifically:

  • Banking and ATM services (opening soon)
  • Free trolley service.
  • Luggage packing service.
  • Free drinking water service.
  • Wifi internet service.
  • Free battery charging service.
  • Luggage storage service.
  • Health services.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Food Service.
  • Rest service.

Which famous places can you go from Van Don International Airport in Quang Ninh?

Quang Ninh is home to many famous tourist sites, including Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, Yen Tu Mountain, Bai Chay … however, the distance from Van Don airport to the locations This is quite far, the nearest is about 50km.

Bai Chay

Going to Quang Ninh without going to Bai Chay is an extremely big shortcoming for every visitor. Located next to Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh’s most famous beach is about 500m long and 100m wide with this picturesque landscape that will surely overwhelm you.

Bai Chay (Quang Ninh)

With many green casuarina groves on both sides, Bai Chay creates a green, fresh, and full of fresh air. From Bai Chay, you can see from far away that Hon Gai is like a brilliant fire of Ha Long Bay.

From Van Don airport, it will take you about 50 – 60 minutes with more than 50km to get to Bai Chay. You can take bus number 14A and 14B to go back to Ha Long city, visit Bai Chay. In addition, taxis are also a great form of transportation but are more expensive.

Ha Long Bay

Coming to Quang Ninh, Ha Long Bay, one of the most famous world natural wonders both at home and abroad is the destination that you must definitely visit. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore many places located in the Ha Long Bay complex such as Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Thien Cung, Dau Go Cave, Tam Cung Cave …

Sun World Halong Bay Park

Bai Chay is located next to Ha Long Bay, so you can visit these 2 tourist sites at the same time. Van Don Airport is about 51km away from Ha Long Bay.

Yen Tu Mountain

Yen Tu mountain complex with an altitude of 1,000 above sea level is one of the famous eco-tourism destinations in Quang Ninh province. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to mingle with majestic nature, admire the whole scenery below the mountain by cable car.

Yen Tu Mountain (Quang Ninh)

Certainly, Yen Tu mountain will bring you a sense of comfort and relaxation because of the picturesque natural scenery. From Van Don airport, tourists have to travel about 90km to reach Yen Tu mountain.

Tuan Chau Island

Like Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay, or Yen Tu Mountain, Tuan Chau Island is also a place not to be missed if you travel in Quang Ninh. From Van Don airport, you will travel more than 72km to reach Tuan Chau island.

Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Tuan Chau Island is one of the famous natural landmarks with its clear, charming scenery and attractive long white sand. With an area of ​​over 400 hectares, this place will be a great resort for you and your relatives and family.

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