Vietnam Festivals

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Vietnam has many festivals organized during the year, the most prominent being the largest festivals in Vietnam for you to enjoy the experience. These festivals attract a large number of participants, which are held every year at a fixed time associated with the culture and customs of the Vietnamese people and regions in the country. The following are the top biggest Vietnam festivals, attracting a large number of participants.

Top biggest Vietnam Festivals that you should not miss:

Lunar New Year (around January, February)

Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Lunar New Year is the biggest festival of the year in the whole country. It is a chance for people to reunite with their families and to pray to have good health at the beginning of the year as well as to visit temples, pagodas in. New Year times.

Hue Festival (In April / May / June every two years, Hue)

Hue Festival, Vietnam

Hue Festival is a celebration of the “Hue City is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site“. There are many cultural events, games, and performances throughout the weeks.

The festival was first held in 2000, to preserve the traditional customs of the Nguyen dynasty. Numerous special events at the festival include the Hue Poetry Festival, Drum and Percussion Debates, The Ao Dai Fashion Show, sports activities such as kite flying, boat racing, and human chess, movie screenings. and art exhibitions.

Perfume Pagoda Festival (February / March annually – Hanoi)

Perfume Pagoda Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam

Each year on the occasion of the Perfume Pagoda Festival, many pilgrims from all over the country pray for a prosperous year and pay homage to the Buddha. This is also one of the top Vietnam festivals.

Mid-Autumn Festival (mid-September)

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An, Vietnam

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 14th and 15th of August with lunar lanterns, star lights, lion dance, moon cake stalls and a variety of candies. The most beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival takes place in Hoi An with ancient streets full of lantern procession, and special folk art performances.

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Hung Temple Festival (In early April each year)

Hung Temple Festival in Viet Tri, Phu Tho, Vietnam

Hung Kings death anniversary or Hung Temple festival is a Vietnamese National holiday. This is the traditional festival of the ethnic people remembering the construction work of Hung Kings.

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Lim Festival in Bac Ninh (mid-February)

Lim Festival in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam

Lim festival is a big festival of Bac Ninh province, the festival is held on January 13 every year in Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province. Lim festival is considered the unique crystallization of Kinh Bac culture.

Hoi An Lantern Festival (14th every month in lunar calendar)

Hoi An Lantern Festival

The Hoi An Lantern Festival is a fascinating monthly event featuring paper lanterns lit up the Old Quarter. The festival is held in Hoi An ancient town and along the ancient streets is the best place to experience.

Buddha’s Birthday (late April – early May every year)

Buddha's Birthday

Many practical activities are held in many localities across the country to mark the birthday of Lord Buddha which falls on the 15th day of the fourth lunar month.

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