Visit Tam Thai Pagoda 400 years old (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Tam Thai Pagoda is a famous pure and ancient spiritual destination, attracting a lot of Buddhists and tourists from Da Nang to visit.

Tam Thai Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in Da Nang, with a history of nearly 400 years; witnessing many ups and downs of the country. The pagoda was first built in 1630. By the Tay Son period, the pagoda was completely damaged. In 1825 (the 6th year of Minh Mang), the pagoda was rebuilt; and under the Nguyen Dynasty, the pagoda was named the national temple.

By the 20th century, the pagoda continued to undergo many restorations in the years 1907, 1995. Despite many ups and downs, the pagoda still retains its majesty and ancient features; and was approved by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to be recognized as a National Historical-Cultural Relic.

Three-Passage Gate at Tham Thai Pagoda
Three-Passage Gate

Tam Thai Tu is located on Thuy Son, one of the legendary Marble Mountains. To reach Tam Thai Pagoda, visitors have to step up 156 steps along the steep terrain of the mountain. On this journey, Da Nang tourists can climb the stairs while enjoying the fresh, cool air under the green canopies; which are very beneficial for health. In addition, visitors to Tam Thai Pagoda can also choose to go to the temple by the elevator at a relatively cheap cost.

Visiting the pagoda, visitors can admire the architectural marks of the Nguyen Dynasty; that are preserved with ancient, magnificent, artistic and aesthetic features. In general, the pagoda consists of 3 magnificent floors; the first floor is Thuong Thai in the North, the second floor Trung Thai in the South and the third floor of Ha Thai is in the East. The pagoda was designed according to the word Vuong (王 – wang) in Chinese characters. Outside is the three-door gate made in the style of the roofed bell floors.

Tam Thai Pagoda (Da Nang, Vietnam)

In front of the temple, the courtyard is a Buddha statue made of sandstone. Inside the pagoda to worship Buddha Amitabha, Quan The Am Bo Tat … The Nguyen Dynasty architecture at Tam Thai pagoda is imprinted with many details; such as the tile roof with two layers of yin and yang, the top of the roof decorated with amphibian long-moon reliefs, the lobby columns have a very ancient image of the dragon phoenix.

Not only preserving the unique architectural features, the 400-year temple also preserves valuable treasures. Among them are the Tam Thai Tu signboard dating to the 6th Minh Mang year and the bronze medal in the shape of a fire heart carved under the pen of Minh Mang King with the content praising the Buddha’s teachings.

In addition to architectural elements and antiques, Tam Thai Pagoda is also shaded by layers of green trees, with many old trees. The best known is that the tree in front of the pagoda is over 200 years old and the two almond trees in front of the temple are over 240 years old and more than 350 years old. All 3 are recognized as Vietnamese Heritage Trees.

This further enhances the tranquility of the ancient temple, helps visitors to immerse themselves in the fairyland, forgetting the worries and hardships of real life.

Da Nang tourists visiting Tam Thai Pagoda are also very convenient to visit famous nearby destinations; such as Vong Giang Dai, Hoa Nghiem cave, Huyen Khong cave, … Of which, Vong Giang Dai is the highest point in Thuy. Paint. From here, visitors can see an immense land and sky, with majestic views of Ngu Hanh Son, the poetic of Han River, winding Cam Le River, …

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