What to eat in Halong Bay?

Not only impressed by the majestic natural beauty, Ha Long (Quang Ninh) also attracts tourists with a rich and diverse cuisine.

Besides check-in with beautiful scenery, do not forget to enjoy delicious and typical dishes. Some of the suggestions below will help you complete your food tour schedule during your trip to this beautiful coastal city.

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Ha Long Squid Pies

Squid pies is known to be one of the famous specialties that make up the culinary brand here. You can find many places to sell this dish all over the city, from sidewalk shops to luxury restaurants. Many people told each other that the best squid pies must be beaten from Ha Long beach and pounded by hand.

Ha Long Squid Pies

In particular, the combination of squid with rice rolls, white sticky rice is the most chosen by many people to make breakfast, recharge the new day energy. Each serving includes thin rice paper, fish sauce sprinkled with chili pepper, herbs, and fried squid slices indispensable. When eating, diners will feel the rich flavor, the crispness of fresh squid in each piece.

Mantis Shrimp Noodles

If you come to Ha Long without enjoying this famous noodle dish, it will be a big mistake. The broth in the dish is cooked from the freshest mantis shrimp, combining some types of seafood such as shrimp, crab, … to create a characteristic sweet taste.

Mantis Shrimp Noodles

After carefully boiled and peeled, the shrimp will be kept intact and spread evenly in a bowl of vermicelli, served with raw vegetables, shredded vegetables, golden fried tofu … depending on each person’s taste.

“Gat gu” cake

"Gat gu" cake

This is a traditional cake of the people of Tien Yen district, made from rice flour and has the appearance of pho roll. The dipping sauce used in the dish is quite sophisticated, including fish sauce with chicken fat, fried onions, a little minced meat or dipping with humiliation. The cool flavor of the cake blends with the fat of the dipping sauce to create an impressive and unforgettable dish in the heart of visitors.

Fresh seafood

Enjoying famous seafood in Ha Long will be one of the culinary experiences not to be missed when coming to the coastal city. Some types of seafood “unique” must be mentioned such as peanut worms, sea clams and Octopus dollfusi 

Fresh seafood - Ha Long Bay

In particular, the sea snakes caught in Quang Yen are famous for their deliciousness and rarity, and can be processed into many dishes such as salad, steamed, fried vermicelli, salad …

In addition, snail is also the type of seafood that many junk food lovers find, suitable for sipping at night. You should move to Hon Gai because there are many attractive and affordable restaurants.

Yogurt with chewy pearls

This is a snack that is no stranger to many people, especially the sweet lovers. However, only when coming to Ha Long, can you fully enjoy the original version of this “hot” youth dish. Depending on the recipe of each restaurant, yogurt will keep the consistency soft or freeze, served with toppings such as dried coconut, cherry jam, dried banana …

The soul in the dish must mention the chewy coconut milk pearl, which is heated and poured directly when eating. The rich, fragrant flavor makes many diners fall in love with the first try.

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