5 Things to avoid when going to temples and pagodas on Tet Holiday

Many visitors can unintentionally step on wooden thresholds, wear revealing clothes, or turn their backs on Buddha statues during the ceremony.

When going to the temple at the beginning of the year, the first thing visitors need to remember is not to wear short clothes. Even in hot weather, you should cover your legs and shoulders when entering the temple.

In many compelling situations, one of the simple “fire fighting” ways is to use a shawl, as the thin fabric keeps you cool and properly shielded.

going to the worship at temples and pagodas during Tet

During the Tet holiday, in front of many famous temples, people also sell or lend a cloth wrapped around the waist or blue shirt.

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Here are 5 things you should pay attention to when going to worship at temples and pagodas during Tet:

  • Through the gate of Tam Quan to enter the temple, you should go to Gia Quan (the right door) and go out by Khong Quan (the left door). Trung Quan (the middle door) is only for the noble monks.
  • Before entering the altar, you always have to leave your shoes outside the door; although many temples do not specify this rule. Take care not to step on the threshold, but to step through. Do not stand or kneel in the center before the altar; because that is the position of the abbot; you should choose the position slightly to the sides. If the ceremony is with monks, make sure you don’t sit higher than them.
  • Many temples still allow visitors to take pictures, but to be sure; you should ask the manager or monk first and do not turn on the flash. Ask others for their opinion when recording the moment they are making a vow. Also, no one wants to be disturbed once they’ve reached a tranquil place; so switch your phone to silent mode, or turn off the phone and enjoy a moment of peace in the temple.
  • Turning your back on the Buddha image is considered rude behavior. After your worship, take a few steps back before changing direction or going outside to the shrine.
  • At the beginning of the new year; the temples and pagodas are crowded with people to worship; you should try to pay attention to the people around, avoid obstructing the common path, crowding, or pushing. In particular, you should pay attention to jewelry, store money or other valuable items in the chest bag, avoid wearing too ostentatious jewelry.

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