Seven-acre coconut forest – Mekong river garden in the middle of Hoi An

Traveling to Hoi An, you should once try the river experience in the seven-acre coconut forest. Here, you will visit the coconut forest by basket boat in the southwestern Vietnamese style.

From Hoi An ancient town you can go here by road or river. If you take a boat, you start from the boat station on Bach Dang Street (right near Hoi An market), the boat will follow the Hoai River flow to the East, about 5km to go.

Seven-acre coconut forest (Hoi An)

If traveling by road, you drive along Tran Phu street, go straight Nguyen Duy Hieu street, if you see the intersection, turn right on Tran Nhan Tong street. Then, you continue to go for about 4km more, the seven-acre coconut forest – Cam Thanh appears before your eyes.

The reason for the name of coconut forest “seven acres” because in the past this forest had about 7 acres of free-grown coconuts. Up to now, the forest has grown to more than 100 hectares, but people still keep the name “Bay Mau – seven acres” coconut forest because it is so familiar and dear to the people and tourists coming to Hoi An.

Seven-acre coconut forest (Hoi An)

A characteristic feature to distinguish the coconut forest from the river in the Mekong Delta is that here people do not use common boats but use basket boats to visit this place.

Guests can sit on a basket boat and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Another activity that many tourists love is learning to make decorations from coconut leaves. Under the guidance of the local people, you will create a hat or cute little animal … This is considered a memorable souvenir after visiting the coconut forest.

Address: Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An

– Tickets to visit: 30,000 VND / person
– Basket boat rental: 200,000 VND / boat

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