The village in Phu Quoc Island is likened to the ‘starfish kingdom’

Enjoying fresh seafood and taking check-in photos with starfish is the most attractive experience in the fishing village of Rach Vem Fishing Village.

While Ham Ninh fishing village is a familiar name in Phu Quoc, Rach Vem has recently been mentioned by many tourists. To reach the village, visitors have to cross several kilometers of rugged dirt roads, many potholes through primeval forests. However, the destination will make you satisfied.

Rach Vem Fishing Village
These wooden bridges are also attractive check-in photo spots for tourists.

In addition to fishing, people here make a living by serving seafood to tourists. The floating rafts were built hundreds of meters off the shore, connected to the mainland by wooden bridges, without balustrades.

Each floating house has a separate bridge, guests will choose to eat at any house; then people will instruct you to park, then give the correct bridge leading to their house. In addition to walking, the people here can expertly drive motorbikes across the bridge.

Starfish in Rach Vem fishing village

The water here is very shallow and clear, with a view to the bottom. Visitors can easily see starfish on the white sand background. That is also the reason why many foreigners whisper about Rach Vem with the new name “starfish kingdom”.

According to local people, a batch of the net can be caught by dozens of starfish. However, they often release starfish as soon as they catch them, not “dry” them as many tourists mistakenly think.

The raft houses here have wide windows to catch the cool sea breeze. While waiting for seafood processing, visitors can lie in a hammock to relax. A facility can own 2-3 raft houses, to accommodate groups of up to 100 people.

Enjoy seafood at Rach Vem Fishing Village

Clams, snails, crabs … are popular seafood here, often processed by boiling or baking, keeping the fresh, delicious taste of the sea. To sip, you can also order a fish hotpot to enjoy in the cool air.

If you have time, you can book a canoe to explore the beaches around the fishing village. Many beaches here have clear water, white sand, very suitable for camping.

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