The best view of the 9-story waterfall in Quang Binh

The 9-story waterfall in Trong Hoa commune (Minh Hoa) has a great height, and majestic, strong water flowing all year round.

The waterfall is often called Khe Vang waterfall by locals, located in the border commune of Trong Hoa, Minh Hoa.

From Lom village (Truong Hoa commune); the last point the car can enter; Visitors take about 3 hours to walk through the forest, along the stream to come to the 9-story waterfall.

The waterfall is considered majestic, tens of meters high, located in the middle of the primeval old forest.

There are 9 stone floors protruding from the top, so people call it 9 floors. In addition, the number 9 is also intended to bring luck and hope to this land.


The waterfall has a high height, fast-flowing water, and is strong all year round. This area has not been put into tourism activities. Usually, only indigenous people, rangers, border guards, and forest guards sometimes come to this waterfall when they have the opportunity to patrol the forest.

In addition to the 9-story waterfall, this area also has the Toc Tien waterfall. On the way along the stream to the 9-story waterfall, follow another turn for about 30 minutes to arrive at Toc Tien waterfall.

This waterfall is lower but wider than the 9-story waterfall. The foot of the waterfall has a large lake, primeval trees stretch to create shade in the middle of the lake.

Trong Hoa commune is planning to put these two majestic waterfalls into tourism. The biggest disadvantage is that the waterfall is far from Dong Hoi city, about 160 km.

Coming here, in addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, visitors can experience the different life of the ethnic minorities in the border area of ​​Quang Binh, try delicious dishes from nature such as bamboo shoots, and stream fish, and admire the beautiful villages in the mountains. The romantic village is located in the middle of the hill.

The road to the 2 waterfalls is quite flat, mainly along the stream, so it does not require much effort. Some sections go through large rocky beaches, eroded by water to form stairs.

On the way to the 9-story waterfall and Toc Tien, visitors cross a dense bamboo forest, about a hectare wide. The bamboos are about 5 to 6m high, about the size of an adult’s wrist. The scene evokes the imagination of historical movies.

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